Spanks Amongst the Stars

Valerina Blake, better known as ‘Captain’, to crew personnel or ‘Val’ by her higher commanding staff and a few others when relaxed and off duty. Val knew and understood the need for relaxed pleasantries, after all everyone lived and breathed the running of her beloved star ship ‘SS Endurance’. Val had known from the get-go this newly invented, bespoke, up to date bird would be hers no matter who she had to fight to get into the captain’s chair. Now, three years on, it hadn’t let her down.

As Val, skimmed her daily morning report before entering the bridge, she noted the new recruits she would be picking up on their much-needed fuel load back at base. One recruit was Lildrael, had worked upon a smaller science-based vessel and now wanted to try their hand at exploring. Val was very impressed by their overly positive and exemplary record, there was no need to worry about them setting in at all. However, Val wasn’t completely without worry, their youngest and newest recruit fresh out, from the Academy, had good grades but her performance and behaviour left much to be desired! Val would have to keep an eye on this lass. Deciding not to contemplate this any further, she placed her tablet back into the charging port and exited the Ready Room, being graced by the familiar sound of, “Captain on the bridge” the pride of hearing that never lessened with time.

Thalia was very excited with a hint of nervousness mixed in. she’d packed and unpacked and finally repacked har bags multiple times, indecisive of what to take with her. She would be gone for months on ends before having the opportunity to stop back home to collect more stuff, so she had to make the right choice now. Having decided to go with her final decision, Thalia, hopped into her parents’ room to give them each a goodbye kiss, before heading off by shuttle port to the adventure of a star ship crew member.

As she entered the room her father beckoned her over, “Thalia, little one, the world, the skies and the vast expansion of the universe beckons to you, listen to it and you shall succeed in everything you do. I am so proud of you my little noodle” he said as she blushed at the use of her childhood nickname. He held her close and kissed her forehead as her mother wiped away a stray tear.

“Come now” her father directed to her mother, pulling her arm and bring them both close. “My two favourite girls, one who brings me, love and hope and the other,” he says now looking over at Thalia “who brings me joy and adventure. Go conquer the universe.”

With that Thalia gave them both one last deathly tight squeeze and legged it out with her belongings before she cried too, embarrassing herself miserably.

The trip to Base beta general was a long and boring affair. Thalia hated to be cooped up unable to stretch her legs. To pass the time she hit the bubble earing that expanded over her ears, showing only a hint of blue transparency, yet mostly unnoticeable to a passer-by. The bubbles had been a gift from her dear gramps, who’d been cryogenically frozen some months back after contracting a deadly virus, that scientists still struggled to cure. The bubbles gave her comfort as all sound was blocked from the outside world and she could sit and listen to her favourite music.

After three toilet brakes, 2 pots of printed bonbon sweeties (much to the annoyance of the man opposite who had to move his extra-long limbs both times she did so) from the robotic printer as it made its rounds back and forth receptivity as if it had nothing better to do. Thalia also enticed the poor granny sitting by the window that it was probably better if they swapped, just in case she needed to get up or to use the lavatory of course! It was nothing to do with Thalia’s innate need to see something other than people. She stared out the window for a good 3 minutes, before deciding it wasn’t all that interesting and started to drum her fingers on the windowpane causing glared and annoyed looks by most people around her, but not more so than the now red-faced, long-limbed passenger, who’d she accidentally bothered previously. He now proceeded to send her rather pathetic versions of extra squinty eyes in an attempt to look angry, personally Thalia thought it made him look like a squished-up pug.  A breed of dog not many would know of now days as its poorly structured gene pool only served to riddle it with disease and eventually exterminate it from existence. A fact Thalia still found saddening from her history lessons at the academy.

After the torturous journey, Thalia finally jumped of port and glanced around the pristine environment. There were robots, programmed for many different roles, hologram waterfalls that glistened and occasionally gave a spritz of misty water to keep the effect authentic as possible. Up at the top of a flight of marble steps, stood four large hologram door which would melt away gradually to allow you through. Taking a deep breath, Thalia pulled her bags, slightly embarrassed that she was the only one with manual, physical luggage and made her way tirelessly up the steps. Who needs a robot bag when they are as young as me? Thalia kidded herself for spending her money on the latest hover board instead of a robotic suitcase, either way she had packed her hover board for some fun on the ship. As Thalia slowed down to collect her breath down from wheezy pants she stared at the coming and goings of many species through the wards.

Pushing through herself, Thalia stopped, momentarily speechless and amazed with the inside of Base Beta General than she was with the outside square. She marvelled at the extracurricular activities, including but not limited to the spa and anti-gravity pool where you couldn’t tell you were actually in water. There was a multitude of souvenir shops where you simply had to think to see a variety of options for what you wanted.

Having allowed herself stray from her schedule, Thalia cursed as she realised, she should have been at her meeting point over an hour ago. Hating to have to do so, Thalia grabbed her bags and sprinted, clocking the signs showing her which directions to take. Eventually she arrived, one again puffing in pain as her lungs burned. In front of her stood a woman tapping away at screen, if Thalia hadn’t been AI trained, she would have thought she was a regular human such as herself but, subtle clues lead her to believe otherwise.  Thalia opened her mouth to speak but was soon cut shot of beginning “You’re late, Thalia Woodwild, this way please” with that she signalled through a door and spoke no more, once more occupied with her screen. Sighing, not wanting to admit a machine had just scolded her, Thalia pushed through onto a walkway. This was it; she was finally off on her adventure.

Meanwhile, Captain Blake, had met the new recruits, welcomed them with pleasantries and answered any questions they had. Val firmly believed it was her role as captain to settle them in, give a personal tour of her ship (now theirs too), introduce them to some key staff members before dropping them off at their personal quarters, with a reminder to attend the social in the mess hall that evening.

On entry off the bridge once more, her second in command warmly greeted her with a cup of coffee, one of her only weaknesses. “I couldn’t help noticing there was only five new recruits, did the dossier not specify six?” she asked.

“Yes, we were not greeted by Thalia Woodwilde, a surname which I suspect may be an apt one for her.”

“Oh dear, I’m not sure who I should feel sorrier for, you or her” Eloise chuckled. Before Val even had a chance to reply, a voice addressed her over the intercom. “Captain Blake”

“Here” she responded

“There’s a young lady, claiming to be Miss, Uh, Thalia, Umm, Woodwilde” he said intermittently as a young voice could be heard repeating her name to him.

“Very good, I’ll be there in a moment”

“Looks like our very own delinquent has arrived.” She said before heading off, not missing the chuckles and subtle smirks that followed from those who’d overheard their conversation.

Thalia stood awkwardly as the man worked around her moving from monitor to monitor as if she wasn’t there. She was lost in her thoughts but was soon drawn back as a voice addressed her. “How nice of you to join us Miss Woodwilde, finally” Val spoke with a cocked eyebrow, emphasis on the ‘finally’ and a look Thalia was very much used to from anyone with any form of superiority to her.

“Uh, yea” she started before being cut off by a finger.

“I’m not interested in juvenile excuses. I expect punctuality and decorum, inability to do so will be dealt with immediately. I am aware from your record you know well and have experience yourself of the methods I take to rectify, petulance and time wasting. So, I would suggest you sort out this tardy behaviour. I will let you off this once, only. Now if you would follow me, we have much to do and little time to do it in, before I take you to your quarters.” With that she spun around and led a red in the face Thalia out on to the bridge, introducing her to Eloise before giving a quick tour of her surroundings and station.

“I read in your application that you are very much interested in learning how to pilot a star ship”. Thalia nodded her head enthusiastically at this, making Val smile slightly.

“Well, learning to fly a bird like this is a big responsibility, so use this as chance to prove to me you can be relied on with a role like that and I may, MAY consider it” she said, emphasising the second may.

Thalia was elated that she completely filtered out the warning and simply heard ‘fly the bird’. “I won’t let you down, I really won’t, I’ll be your star member” she enthused to the amusement of Val.

“We shall see” Val deliberated to herself as she led the cute but bratty delinquent into the mess-hall for the welcome celebration. She had to admit, she was feeling rather maternal towards this young spitfire about to journey into the unknown alone and away from the securities of family and the structure of the Academy. Life on board, was structured, but with adulthood came responsibility, a skill this youngen would have to hone.

Val was happy to see several of the new recruits had already arrived and were getting on splendidly with the crew members as they sipped glasses of champagne or some other choice to their liking. Val happily blended in and started up conversation with Eloise and Riley Adams her head of security.

As the conversation delved into quantum physics and the first time, they ventured into a worm hole, Val noted the third glass of whisky, (an earth drink) Eloise favoured had been downed quicker than a glass of milk. She frowned forwardly, alerting Eloise to her thoughts on this, but only received a roll of the eyes, something that was not appreciated. While Eloise was her second in command, a position she greatly deserved, the woman had her moments that needed a firm hand and guidance. Eloise was well acquainted with the bent over positions, across Val’s lap, which was now days, in her defence and to Val’s relief, a rarer occurrence, but still an occurrence non the less. It had been a good 5 months since their last chat and Val sensed another looming. Deciding to leave it and allow Eloise to relax tonight (something she may regret later) Val invested her time in the conversation.

Eloise had clocked Val’s look and felt a stirring inside her, while she hated to be micromanaged at every second move she took, Eloise also cherished and yearned for another one of those cocked eyebrow looks, oh god, they made her squirm knowing she was being warned to behave, something that did not come naturally to her. Eloise had started aboard the ship with Val three years ago when she had just received captaincy, however it was upon the Lorax vessel that they met. They had Shared a cabin in a mentor capacity and Val had made it known on countless occasions what was and wasn’t acceptable and while these where far and few between now, she still found time to cause some mischief, for old time’s sake. However, Eloise would happily leave the after math of those stern looks behind, whereas Val seemed happy enough to carry it on when she deems fit.

Becoming a little restless Eloise made a few rounds, chatting with crew members and downing drinks as she went along, all the personnel knew her and her personality well, although it took time for many to see her as their second in command, however she had proved her worth several times to deserve it now. As the drinks were depleting, Eloise became a little loose of mouth, sharing a little too many details of things she shouldn’t. “I heard they did it in the engine room by the heat of the warp core” she giggled to two others who blushed at the knowledge of their captains’ personal encounters. “and she….”

“That will be enough Eloise” came a stern voice from behind her. spinning around, Eloise plastered a Cheshire cat grin to her face and threw her arms around Val’s shoulders. “Val” she cried excitedly, “do come join us, we were just…… hic” Eloise stooped as a hiccup took over.

“Hic, oopsies” she giggled drawing the others to smile and cover their chuckles behind their hands. It was obvious that Eloise had had too much to drink. Val sighed “bedtime for you missy”, she said firmly, and attempted to march her from the room, only to hear more rubbish spouted from her inebriated officer, if only it hadn’t been so violating and disrespectful

 “No, no, hic… no, you go, hic, I’ll join you, hic… later, hic, if you want some fun in the engine room, hic…” she broke into giggles and wiggled her eyes suggestively as she watched the surprised then angry look form across her captain’s face. Everyone within ear shot, either gasped at her boldness or fiend to have heard anything and carried about their conversations out of respect for their captain.

Val grabbed Eloise by the ear, the flash in her eyes making Eloise sober a fraction and regret her words already. Val then proceeded to drag her from the room by the ear, (much to Eloise discomfort), giving a curt nod to those she had been talking to and ordered for Eloise to follow without further fuss.

Upon arrival to Eloise’s quarters, Val marched her in, stripped her of her clothes and pushed her into the jet shower system. As Eloise entered, the doors shut, sealing her in, the water was usually automatically adjusted to suit her liking and current body temperature, however tonight it was soon overridden by Val as she turned it down to just above freezing, Eloise squealed in shock but there was no point trying to leave, you had to see the cycle through. first came the stingy cold water, bubbles (not so bad, unless your contemplating, quite literally, the cold ass spanking you’re about to receive), thoroughly clean, wash some more, rinse and finally blow dry. Eloise gasped regularly as the cold water sobered her quickly hoping for the heated air to come so she could warm up. She was sorely mistaken as Val had also applied the cool air setting. As it blew through the chamber, Eloise groaned having to bear the cold, her skin prickled with goose bumps and she stood miserably remembering the words she publicly shared at the expense of her very angry captain. As the cycle came to an end, and the sealed doors swung open, Val pulled Eloise out and marched her to the corner with no clothes whatsoever, just a volley of slaps to her cold bottom.

Eloise jumped and squealed but took the well-known position of hands-on head and nose in corner, and by in the corner, Eloise knew this meant no more than a millimetre away from it, a position that was not generally comfy. She wasn’t about to test Val anymore.

Taking a seat on one of Eloise’s sofas, Val ran over the drama that had just occurred she couldn’t believe the words that came from Eloise, and she wasn’t best pleased. These people where her colleagues and staff and she didn’t need rumours and gossip like this to spread like fire on her ship. Not to mention the countless conversations she’d had with Eloise about her drinking habits and limits. She would be wise to remember this night the next time she is faced with alcohol. And Val intended to see to that.

Having left Eloise in the corner, Val pulled out some bed clothes for her and retrieved the hairbrush and much hated Rosewood paddle from the draw she made Eloise keep them in, Val came back into the main lounge. “Ok Eloise, I want you front and centre now.” it didn’t take long for Eloise to listen and before long she pulled forward as she toppled over her not so happy Captain’s lap once again.

“Would you like to tell me why we are in this position young lady” Val asked as she lay her hand upon Eloise cool upturned bottom.

Eloise stiffened at the touch but knew she was expected to answer clearly and without hesitation. “I made a fool of myself and you” she said forlornly.

“Yes, you did, and?” Val said, encouraging her to finish with two firm swats with her sometimes comically named, cast iron hand.

“yowch” Eloise gasped as she kicked slightly “and I drank too much” she stopped momentarily but the extra swat told her she wasn’t to finish there “and I know that I should be careful with what I drink and how much, also I’m working tomorrow morning” she paused there once more

“Yes indeed” said Val, she fell silent for a moment and began to spank Eloise, swat on top of swat staying in one place for a moment before moving onto another to build up colour and heat, a technique she had learn on a personal level when she too was younger. As the rhythm increased so did the strength of each swat, Eloise was by now wiggling around, throwing out the occasional cry and apology, unfortunately for her, these only fell upon deaf ears.

“Did you also not consider the reputation I have to maintain on this ship, MY SHIP” Val said seriously as she tipped Eloise down further, so her sit spots where exposed and began straight with the brush upon them. Eloise kicked and bucked at these, pleading for Val to stop, however she knew her pleas would be fruitless. As Val increased her strength and speed, she ensured to secure her brats hand at her lower back and pull her closer to ensure stability as well as the much-needed contact Eloise raved when being corrected. Val slowed down a fraction to pick up the paddle but soon the tempo expressed her displeasure appropriately.

“Also” she added rather sternly

“Did you not consider your own reputation and role as my second in command and a welcoming figure to the newer crew member today? I am thoroughly disappointed with you young lady” with that Val stopped talking and focused on delivering 30 smacks with the paddle, to each cheek producing a deep head hue which was bound to bruise and play as a huge reminder to the girl every time she moved or sat.

By now Eloise was sniffling and had given into the spanking, wanting it to end, she simply cried and begged for forgiveness. Val began to see the sincerity of Eloise’s apologies and slowed down, before finishing up completely. She gently turned the brat up into her lap and sighed as the woman cried and mumbled apologies. she stroked Eloise’s hair, snuggling her close while acknowledging the apologies. the soothing took some time but soon the young girls cries dissipated into sniffles and hiccups, due to the intense spanking and not the alcohol this time.

As they stood to prepare Eloise for bed, Val lifted the woman’s chin to meet her eyes. “Tomorrow you will apologise to the ladies you were talking to, and I am giving you a job, that will not be easy but hopefully help you to mature and gain more responsibility to the crew members personally as well as professionally. You will be the personal mentor for Thalia Woodwilde, and I expect her to become a first-class officer just like I supported you to become! I will hold you just as responsible for her behaviour, so remember this.” with that Val pulled back Eloise’s duvet and helped her in, tummy down naturally. Before she even left the room, she could her the soft snores as Eloise slipped into a deeper sleep. That woman was going to be the death of her, why she would put her and Thalia together she didn’t know but somehow it felt right, it seemed that Eloise was deserving of a little bit of her own mischievous medicine.


That dance story (Tap, tap, tap went the…) part 2

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So It’s been super hectic recently and I never found time to link part 2 of mine and Emma’s co written, dance themed story!! It was great fun and Emma is a truly fantastic human and writer! ❤

Enjoy, and if you’ve read it on Emma’s page already? Well who said you can’t read it again 😛

click here for the story

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Cora and Kelly 1


So this is another little (by little I mean little… <3) story. some will know these characters from my participation in the Anthology, ‘Twelve Seconds’. (my story contribution being Four pigs, Three numbers and the Second Act) If you haven’t read these do head over to amazon and buy one. all proceeds go to charitable causes! There are some fantastic authors and we all know great authors make great spanky stories. while you’re at it, why not grab ‘Fourteen Firsts’ which was the first ever anthology published.

Anyways, here is my story, enjoy


Cora and Kelly 1

Kelly sulked as she sat on a backless stool, facing the corner of the large main tent. She’d been placed there some time and was becoming rather bored in this position. The tent wasn’t detailed enough to capture her attention in her moment of boredom like it would inside their caravan, in fact it was rather damp from the past few days rain fall and had a spattering of mouldy particles developing. The tent was treated yearly but natural conditions couldn’t be helped.

Sighing with a semi loud voice she slouched her shoulders and began to impatiently tap her foot again the bottom bar of her stool. Without a moment to delay, Cecilia marched over, corrected her shoulders, pushed her chair closer to the corner and whispered into her ear.

“If I were you, young lady, I would wait until Cora arrives to deal with you or you’ll have me to face too. You’re lucky I haven’t taken you over my lap for that foolish and extremely dangerous stunt you’ve just pulled off.” Not wanting to push Cecelia into actually following through with her threat, Kelly remained straight backed and completely obedient, she was dreading the moment Cora walked in.

The second act practice went by quickly for those taking part but somehow it seemed to drag on forever. Eventually, Kelly heard Cecelia dismiss everyone while congratulating them on their effort. This was soon followed by a “hi Cora, how did the meeting go?”

Kelly’s shoulders slumped ever so slightly, not daring to move in a way that drew attention upon herself. There was bound to be enough of that later.

“Very productive, thank you for asking. I have managed to negotiate a weeklong extension due to our next venue being counselled. The weather they’ve been having has been worse off than here. The park is completely waterlogged.” Cora explained.

Cecelia nodded her head! “That’s not such a bad thing. The new stunts we’ve been working on aren’t easy so a familiar setting and practice ground can help us fine tune them. “

“Very good” Cora applauded enthusiastically, she loved to hear how adventurous and dedicated her team (or more like her family) were when it came putting together a world renounced show. They didn’t have the high-flying circus reputation for no reason. No, her people really knew how to pull all the stops out when they needed too!

“Although we will have to change up some of the content for potential second time visitors. You think you can dust off and revitalise some of your older content too, maybe give it a new breath of air?

“Sure” Celia quipped as she walked away already forming scenes and ideas for a new show set. Cora grinned after her, she loved to watch the wonderful mind inside that creative head work.

Turning a full circle, to find her naughty brat, she sighed and breathed in deeply as her eyes fell upon her hunched over form. She’d received a text from Celia, only moments before her meeting earlier that morning. However, as much as she wanted to rush home to ensure her darling brat was uninjured, her meeting was simply too important to postpone. With a disgruntled sigh she resigned herself to trusting Celia’s judgement when told she was now safe.  Cora grimly instructed Kelly be placed in a corner until she could find a spare moment to discuss this little escaped with her. Why Kelly thought she could try the trapeze with such a badly injured leg she did not know.

With purpose she walked up to the brat and laid a firm yet gentle hand upon her shoulder. “You little lady should be in the caravan with your foot elevated and iced. I can’t begin to explain how disappointed in you, I am.” With that she helped Kelly up and supported her all the way back to the caravan.

Back in the privacy of their home, Cora went about undressing and dressing Kelly for bed, all the while lecturing her sternly.

“When the doctor says to rest, I expect you to listen to his expertise and decide when you are well enough to re start training. You could have been further injured, placing your recovery further back or worse, seriously doing some damage. You are grounded to this room for the remainder of the fortnight, the doctor signed you off for. That means, no electronics or tv and no guests.” As Kelly went to greatly protest, Cora raised a finger to quieten her.

“I don’t want to hear it, you made your choice and now you will deal with the consequences, which will also involve a spanking at the end”

Kelly went once more to argue and complain. “What no internet or Janet, come one that’s not fair Cora and anyway don’t you think that taking away all the fun is punishment enough?”

“No, I don’t, you are grounded for your disobedience, the spanking is for the sheer danger you put yourself in” Cora said.

Kelly pouted and folded her arms over her chest. “you are so unfair” she grumbled but was ignored by Cora who was already moving off to the small kitchenette to make some food.

An hour had passed while the food was cooking in their little built in oven, Cora had sat down with a newspaper to complete a cross word as Kelly continued to sulk and occasionally huff in frustration. On several occasions Cora had to look up sternly to stop the dramatic acts but had soon returned to her paper.

The next two weeks dragged by extremely slowly for both Kelly and Cora and had only seemed to increase Kelly’s bored and rather challenging behaviour, which had started to become tiresome. Cora had resorted to writing these up on the white board with a number beside each one. Kelly knew these represented the paddle swats she would receive and every time she looked at them, she seriously regretted her bad attitude. Cora after all was only looking out for her.

Finaly with Cora’s help Kelly was managing to move around, albeit a little slowly but the pain had subsided considerably. That evening Cora decided then would be a good time to deal with the recent behaviour.

“ Kelly, I would like you to go to the drawer, bring me your wooden brush and paddle please” Kelly looked up a little stunned but knew she mustn’t argue, but this didn’t mean she was going to go about it quickly, the longer she took to the longer it was before she went over into that dreaded position.

“you’ve just added extra with the brush for dragging your feet young lady, I know what you are doing, and procrastinating will not help your case.” Cora lectured as a now obedient Kelly scuttled overlooking subdued.

Cora leant forward, pushed Kelly’s black leggings down along with her knickers to fall at her ankles. She quickly and firmly pulled her up and over, manoeuvring her easily into position and wrapping one arm around her middle for added support. Kelly held her breath as she used her hands. To balance herself and let it out with a squeak as Cora laid down the first spank. She wasn’t beating around the bush this time.

Cora aimed each swat upon the fleshy globes in front of her, alternating between right and left before switching up the routine by applying multiple swats to one spot. Kelly’s bottom was starting to take on a nice warm feel and rosy hue, but she was far from finished. Cora tightened her grip slightly as Kelly kicked and wriggled around her lap. At one point, when it became excessive, Cora picked up the brush and directed it at the pale thighs. With each slap Kelly yelped as Cora lectured.

“if you want me to stop with the thighs, I would suggest you stop wiggling and kicking young lady” it took all her concentration, but Kelly managed to still her feet enough for Cora to place the brush down. After another minute of warming up Kelly’s bottom so it glowed, Cora began to run he tender skin and Kelly breathed out in relief.

What you did going onto that trapeze was highly irresponsible and disobedient, you could have been badly injured or injured someone else, you are not up to your usual strength. If you had fallen, you may not have sprained your foot but broken it, or worse broken your neck. I truly hope that the punishment today reminds you that doctors are the professionals and you do not have an option when it comes to following their advice.

After the important discussion was made Cora went back in with the brush while continuing her lecture between each swat.

“Also, I have not appreciated your bad behaviour or the continuous sulking. You had plenty of books to read and I gave you some of my puzzle books, you are the only one to blame as you bought the punishment upon yourself” Kelly cried out apologies she listened and felt the swats rain down.

“I won’t be so silly again or sulky I promise” she sniffled now clinging on to Cora’s ankle. Deciding to finish up with the last part of the brush she surveyed the board primarily filled with sulking petulant behaviours and added up each penalty. “right you have 10 points on the board so you’re going to get 10 hard swats, I don’t want you to move do you understand?” Kelly nodded wanting the whole ordeal to be over.

With that Cora raised the brush and brought if down in a flurry of two sets of five to each cheek, she didn’t feel the need to drag this part out further. When down Cora lifted a very contrite Kelly up and guided her to the corner, placing her hands upon her head.

“I expect you to stay hear quietly while I clear the desk for the paddling” not waiting for a reply Cora set about putting away stacks of paperwork or moving valuable or potentially dangerous items away into a safe space. When all was clear, she walked the few steps back to Kelly who was now gently sniffling and crying in the corner.

Cora pulled her love into her arms holding her close. I love you so so much and the thought of you doing something so reckless, both scares and disappoints me. I don’t ever want to have to deal with something like this again. Have I made myself clear? She said, as she used one finger to raise the chin that had been buried into her chest. Wiping away her tears, Kelly nodded eagerly and promised profusely never to be so silly again.

Cora nodded her head, pleased she’d got through to her sometimes hard-headed, impulsive girlfriend. “ok, please bend over and hold the end of the desk. You get twenty.

Kelly did as was told and held her breath before letting it out shakily. She closed her eyes tight and jerked as the first one made contacted. In her mind Kelly counted “one, nineteen to go” as each swat rained down, Kelly could help rearing up but was firmly held in place with Cora’s hand placed at the small of her back. Not only did this ensure she did not move and cause the paddle to hit where is shouldn’t, but also gave the physical contact and comfort of someone who loved her dearly. Kelly had lost count of each swat and simply cried into the wood wanting it to be over. Soon enough she heard the paddle be placed on the desk beside her and felt the smoothing circles be rubbed into her back. Before long, her cries turned to sniffles and she allowed herself to be helped up and guided to the sofa be area.

Both, having fond memories of times where they simply sat enjoying each other’s company, fell into a quiet moment of contemplation. Kelly snuggled into Cora’s embrace and Cora indulged her with gentle butterfly kisses and a a soothing temple and hair massage. Kelly couldnt remember the last time she’d felt so at peace. Now the punishment was over all was forgiven and forgotten. Slate once more, clean.

Tap, tap, tap went the…

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So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a story and I do eventually aim to continue the Sophie and Alexis series… but procrastination has me in her grasp. If procrastination was a person she’d be a brat for sure.

Anyway, you’re all in for a treat as I managed to coerce the formidable bratty presence on these blogs, the one and only Emma to write a story with me. so here you are, enjoy.

As a side note, Emma came up with all the mischief, simply because, a well behaved brat like myself really struggles to come up with that type of content… Hehehe…Her blog is a walking example of all the mischief she gets tangled up in. Go check her blog out, following the link above, its lots and lots of fun!!!!

Hugs, Keep bratting, Carrie x


“Late again, Charlotte?” 

Lottie scowled. She didn’t like her teacher’s dry tone nor the use of her full name; something Lisa was fully aware of. She only called her ‘Charlotte’ when she wanted to make a point. 

With a big performance coming up, Lottie knew it was important for her to come to her tap dance rehearsals on time. She also knew that Lisa would understand if she had an actual reason for her lateness. 

Unfortunately, Lisa happened to know Lottie’s schedule as well as Lottie did herself, if not better, and was quite aware her student’s lateness was entirely down to poor planning and procrastination. The two had known each other since Lottie had begun at this school of dance a little over 3 years ago, when she had moved to the area to begin her degree. Now, she was doing a Masters in Theatre and Dance. In that time, she’d developed a close bond not only with the others in her group, but also with Lisa. Lisa was strict as a dance teacher. But she had also become a good friend. 

Approaching the door to come into her tap class, late as usual, had been a nerve-wracking experience. Somehow it didn’t get any easier no matter how many times she was late. And somehow, no matter how nerve-wracking it was, she never could quite manage to be on time. 

Sometimes Lisa allowed her to sneak in and quietly slip to the back of the room to put her tap shoes on, giving her no more than a raised eyebrow expression. But today, she obviously felt the need to make her displeasure known. 

“You can wipe that scowl off your face, Charlotte. We’ll talk after class.” Then, she addressed the room, and the 5 pairs of eyes that had been on Lottie now shifted back to her. “Now, where were we?” 

Susie’s (or, ‘suck up Susie’, as Lottie loved to call her) hand shot up, wanting to take every opportunity she could to rub everything in Lottie’s face. 

“You were just saying that our performance technique and dedication to practice will help you decide who would be getting the solo for nationals at the end of the year.” At this she turned a sneer in Lottie’s direction. “At least I only have four other people to worry about or, well, consider. As some people definitely won’t be getting the part.” Susie smirked in Lottie’s direction. Lottie exaggerated her eye roll and stuck her tongue out at Susie. Just hearing her whiny, squeaky voice irritated her.  

“Enough,” Lisa snapped, narrowing her eyes first at Susie, then Lottie, although Lottie detected more of a hint of disappointment when looking her way. As usual this look had the desired effect, as Lottie’s eyes found new interest in the well-polished wooden dance studio floor. 

“You are all adults, and Susie, I will decide who is a viable candidate for the routine, thank you.” With that Lisa had everyone stand ready to warm up before they ran the show pieces. 

Throughout the lesson, Lottie became increasingly angry with Susie. Due to their similar height, the pair usually found themselves in close proximity to each other in formation. Susie took her dancing a little too seriously, she thought. Every extension would result with a hand flung in Lottie’s face or a hard-studded shoe ‘accidently’ knocking her ankles. The third and final time Lottie could bear it, resulted in her losing her place completely. Acting on impulse and anger, Lottie noticed one of Susie’s shoe laces trailing on the floor. She moved before she could stop herself and stepped hard upon the lace. The next scene could only be explained as a domino effect of tap dancers. 

“Stop!” Lisa cried, as dancers tumbled every which way. Old Mrs Brown who played the piano for their practice lifted her fingers from the keys and peered over the baby-grand piano to see what was going on. 

Lisa’s eyes tracked across the room, taking in each student, until they rested finally on Lottie, who was somehow the only young woman still on her feet, and not picking herself up or trying to regain her balance. 

“What happened,” Lisa said. Though her voice was quiet and calm, it carried a deadly warning tone, and the room fell silent as every person seemed to be holding their breath. 

Lottie had not expected quite the chaos that she’d somehow managed to cause. Well, she hadn’t been expecting anything really; she simply hadn’t been thinking at all. “Um,” she said, looking up at her teacher, but then quickly down at the floor after briefly making eye contact with that steely glare. 

“Look at me, Lottie, not the floor,” Lisa said. He foot began to tap a little impatiently. Like her students, she was in a tap shoes, and the tapping seemed deafening in Lottie’s ears. 

Lottie managed to look up again. Tap, tap, tap went Lisa’s foot. She hated being in trouble with Lisa; she couldn’t bear for the woman to be disappointed or angry with her. Yet somehow, she never seemed to remember to mind her behaviour until it was too late. 

An uncomfortable memory flitted through her mind, of Lisa’s palm making repeated contact with her backside, while she squirmed over the older woman’s lap. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a memory of just one single occasion, and unfortunately not all memories of being in such a position involved only Lisa’s palm making contact. Lottie swallowed nervously, trying to find her voice. Unluckily, Susie chose that moment to speak for her. 

“That witch, she trod on my shoe, purposely” Susie screeched while pointing an accusatory finger at Lottie 

“It was your lace not your shoe,” Lottie muttered but was drowned out as Susie continued. 

“I think my ankle is sprained, oh it hurts so badly, I need to go to hospital, what if it’s broken?!” She turned to a now worried looking Lottie. Her face had started to look like a tomato as her puffed out cheeks had taken on a red hue. 

“I’ll kill you I will,” she spat as Lisa quickly stepped in, hoping to de-escalate an argument. 

“Enough of this silliness, no one is killing anyone, I expect this from my junior class not from adults.” With that, she turned to address Mrs Brown who was still peering over the piano, looking ever so slightly excited at the thought of some drama and gossip she could take to the elderly coffee morning next Tuesday. 

“Mrs Brown can you assist Susie with getting her bags, I will grab my car from the car park. I will accompany Susie to the nearest A&E department. We need to get her checked over.” With that she turned back to the class. “All of you go home, I’ll see you next week.” Next, her eyes landed on Lottie. Her look was so hard, it did not take much for Lottie to read what she was silently telling her: ‘I’ll call you later, young lady.’ 

Lottie knew the prospect of a simple hand spanking for lateness was completely out the window now. She had done some serious screwing up. 

Everyone filed out, giving Lottie a wide birth. No one dared to say a word; they were all feeling a little stunned from the events of the last half an hour. 

Mrs Brown and Susie met Lisa outside. As Mrs Brown helped her into the passenger seat, Susie took every opportunity to embellish the pain she was in. Deep down Lisa found her rather tiresome, but wisely kept her cool.

“Take a deep breath Susie, we’ll get someone to look at you soon.” With that, Lisa pulled out and made her way to A&E hoping it wouldn’t take too long as she already had plans with her sister and nieces. 

But after two hours of waiting in A&E, Lisa sighed and dug out her phone to cancel her plans. She couldn’t leave Susie alone; she didn’t have anyone to stay with her. The triage nurses obviously did not deem Susie as a medical emergency because it was a full five hours before a young doctor in a white lab coat and a stethoscope hanging around his neck called Susie in. Lisa helped Susie stagger rather dramatically into the examination cubical. 

“So, from your notes we have a suspected sprain to the ankle,” The doctor asked no one in particular as he helped Susie up upon the examination bed and proceeded to manipulate her leg and foot. 

“It’s so bad, I think it’s broken,” Susie sniffled. Lisa had to prevent herself from rolling her eyes. Susie was really milking this. 

“Well, the good news is, from my observations, we can rule of a breakage,” he said smiling at Susie. 

“And I doubt we are dealing with a sprain either; there isn’t any obvious swelling or bruising and I can move the foot without much sign of pain, I suspect it’s just be a twinge from the initial fall. I prescribe rest and paracetamol. Keep away from overuse for a couple days and I’m sure you will be fine.” 

With that, he nodded and wished them goodbye, leaving to take his next patient. 

Lisa smiled although she couldn’t help thinking the last five hours to be a complete waste of her precious time. “Well that’s great news, let’s get you home.” 

Lisa dropped a now rather quiet Susie home. Lisa suspected she’d tried to make the situation worse for Lottie out of spite. “Remember what the doctor said and take it easy. I don’t expect to see you until next week.” 

Before heading home, Lisa pulled her phone out with the intention of contacting Lottie. Now she had to decide how she was going to deal with this brat. She was lucky no one was seriously harmed but that was beside the point. 

Meanwhile, Lottie was at home panicking. She lived in a house-share with 2 other young women who attended the same dance school; Louise, and her girlfriend Abbie. Neither of them were in her class, as both specialised in ballet rather than tap, but both were well aware of Lisa and knew her well. She had rather a reputation within the school for her strictness, as well as her particular approach to discipline for her adult students.

That’s not to say that the other teachers weren’t strict; ballet could be a very tough style of dance to study, and Lisa was certainly not the only teacher who took a rather ‘hands on’ approach to discipline. However, Lisa was especially well known for having a consistent expectation for a high standard of commitment and behaviour from her students, and her reputation as a disciplinarian was quite a fearsome one. 

In fairness to Lisa, while her reputation wasn’t entirely undeserved, it may have gotten a little hyped out of proportion and context, as gossip can sometimes manage to do. Those students whom she actually taught tended to hold her in high regard, and as much as those not in her classes may have congratulated themselves on their escape, those who were actually taught by her often counted themselves extremely lucky to have her as a teacher. 

For all her strictness, she was a fair, kind, and understanding woman, who always sought to help her students achieve to their highest potential. In her 50s now, she had retired from professional dancing to teach full time, and had a special talent for guiding students of all abilities through every stage of their dance career, from beginner to professional, always helping to bring out the best in them. 

 It hadn’t taken Lottie long to fill her housemates in on all that had happened. 

“You might as well stop fretting,” Louise told her, as Lottie wrung her hands. “It’s all done now and you can’t undo it, whether you like it or not. So you might as well just face up to the consequences.”

Lottie scowled at her friend. She liked Louise, and the two had actually become quite close over the last few years of living together. The slightly older woman had helped her out a lot since she’d known her. 

However, Louise could sometimes just be so sensible, Lottie sometimes just wanted to shake her just to see if she could ever be rattled. A fantastic dancer with an organised approach to life, Louise always seemed to be in every teacher’s good books. At least she wasn’t smug about it. Somehow, it just seemed natural for her to be calm and always on top of things. In fact, Lottie had a few particular and slightly uncomfortable memories of the times Louise had been the one taking her over her lap… 

But she pushed that memory from her mind for now. “I know,” she sighed. “But I can’t help it. Lisa’s going to kill me!”

“She’s not going to kill you,” Louise pointed out logically, shaking her head a little at Lottie’s dramatics. “And from what you’ve told me, I think you certainly deserve to be in trouble with her.”

Lottie scowled deeply. “You would think that,” she retorted. 

Her other housemate, Abbie, had just listened to the entire story with a wide-eyed and slightly horrified expression. Well-meaning but quite disorganised, Abbie, like Lottie, often found herself on the receiving end of discipline, and was sympathising hard with Lottie’s current predicament. Abbie was also slightly petrified of Lisa on principle, and frequently felt extremely glad to not be a tap dancer. 

Both she and Lottie visibly jumped when Lottie’s phone suddenly began ringing. 

Lottie stared in a frozen panic at the phone in her hand, and at the name “Lisa” on the screen. A few seconds went by, and then a few more. 

“Aren’t you going to answer it?” Louise asked. 

But Lottie just felt unable to make a decision to act. Another couple seconds went by, and with a sigh, Louise took the phone from her hand, and answered it herself. Lottie didn’t try to stop her. 

Though Louise was not one of Lisa’s students, the two women knew each other well. 

“Hey Lisa, it’s Louise here.”

Lottie strained her ears, hoping to grab any indication of what was being said. Unluckily for her Louise spoke the Top language fluently and only answered with the occasional, ‘I see’ and ‘oh really.’

When she finally ended the phone call, Louise turned to an anxious looking Lottie. “You are to go to your room and stand in the corner.”

Lottie groaned. She hated corner time. Knowing it was nearing the time to pay the piper, she got up to go, but was stopped by Louise grabbing her hand, and swiftly flipping her over her lap and tugging her knickers down.  “After, I give you a little warm up that is. Apparently, this helps you to concentrate on why you are in the corner rather than daydream. And from what I’ve heard, this isn’t a daydream situation.” As Louise spoke, she steadily spanked away using a mixture of controlled force and randomised placement to keep Lottie’s attention. Louise admired as Lottie’s white fleshy skin started to take on a pleasant pink hue, followed by a darkening of red. When each globe radiated enough heat, Louise pulled the sullen girl up from her lap and frog marched her up to her room. 

Once in the corner, Louise slightly adjusted Lottie’s position, pushing her nose further into the corner and tucking the back of her skirt into her hemline. Her knickers had been stepped out of downstairs. 

Louise stepped back to admire the contrite scene before narrowing her eyes at Abbie, who was peeking through the crack in the door.

Raising her voice Louise spoke clearly. “If I find you eves dropping by the door Abigail Smyth, you too will experience the same position your dear friend is in.” With that, she swung the door open to see a rather stunned Abbie, kneeling at key hole height looking like a deer caught in the head lights. Resigning herself to managing not one but two brats, she took the girl by the ear and made for her room. 

Soon, Lottie was cringing and wincing in her corner to overhear the sounds of Abbie being spanked. At least for Abbie, it sounded as though it was a fairly brief trip over Louise’s knee; barely longer than what Lottie has just suffered herself downstairs. Unfortunately, Lottie was quite sure her own fate was not to be so brief. 

It must have been an hour at least by the time the doorbell rang. Louise was downstairs flicking through some dance notes she had taken for her own choreographed piece. She enjoyed the peace and quiet as the two brats stayed with their rooms, not wanting to antagonise her further for fear of another trip over her lap. 

Louise got up to open the door and greeted Lisa whom she respected very much and envied slightly for her ability to choreograph wonderful dance pieces, not to mention control a room full of brats. The two exchanged pleasantries and discussed Susie while Lisa poured a quick mug of tea.  

As the last dregs of tea were downed, a moment of silence fell upon the two. 

“Well I suppose I have a brat waiting for me” Lisa piped up. She plopped her mug in the sink before going to deal with her troublemaker.

When Lisa opened the door, she was happy to see a rosy bottom standing as still as possible. She saw the muscles clench slightly with anticipation as Lottie heard her enter.  Lisa took a seat in the vacant straight back desk chair which must have been prepared for her arrival. 

“I must say Charlotte, I am extremely disappointed in your behaviour.  This went well above and beyond simple bratting. Although you will be happy to hear Susie’s injury was not extreme, you could have caused significant damage. It is my job to ensure this never happens again, or you can kiss your tap lessons goodbye.”

Lottie visibly stiffened as she heard these final words, but stayed in position; something she had learnt the importance of last time. Surely Lisa would not kick her out! Tap was sometimes the only thing that got her through each day. 

“I can assure you young lady, by the end of today you will be both sorry and sore,” Lisa continued. “Let’s hope you learn your lesson and give me no attitude.” With that, Lisa started to lay out the proceedings.

“First,” Lisa said crisply, “You will receive a hand spanking from me. Then, you can sit bare bottomed on at your desk and write my an apology for not only being late to my class yet again, but for disrupting it with your poor and impulsive behaviour, not only causing me to have to cancel the rest of the lesson, but also causing me to have to take one of my students to A&E. You may wish to take note in your apology, that this little trip caused me to have to cancel the plans I had in place to see my sister and nieces today.”

Lottie risked a glance over her shoulder at that. “Sorry,” she said, earnestly. She hadn’t meant to cause Lisa so much trouble. Really, she’d just hoped to make Susie stumble and she hadn’t really thought further than that. 

“Turn around, Lottie,” was all Lisa said. “I don’t want to see your nose leave that corner until I call you out.”

“Sorry,” Lottie said again, turning back to face her corner.

“Once I’ve had your apology letter to me, we will be having another discussion over my lap, but this time with the paddle.”

Lottie stiffened at that, though she had the sense not to speak or turn around this time. Lisa had a paddle that had begun its life as a butter paddle, but at some point been picked up by Lisa at an antique shop. Now, with one side varnished and smooth, and holes drilled in to reduce the drag as it travelled through the air towards a naughty girl’s bottom, it was a fearsome tool of discipline that was well known to Lisa’s students. The mere mention of it brought a sense of dread, and certainly Lottie now had a feeling in her stomach as though she had just swallowed a few stones.  

“Then,” Lisa continued, and Lottie shut her eyes tightly as she realised there was still more to come. “You will sit back at your desk and write an apology to the class, which you will read out for them at the start of next lesson. You must realise the importance of every moment of practice with nationals coming up, and you spoilt a rehearsal opportunity for the rest of your class.”

Lottie didn’t speak or move this time, but she did feel bad.  But Lisa still wasn’t finished. 

“You will then receive another hand spanking from me. As I said, I intend to make absolutely certain that we do not have a repeat of this behaviour. Finally, you will sit once again at your desk and write an apology to Susie, for causing her to fall in class. Yes, I know that was no accident, and it was a very mean spirited thing to do, however you may feel about that girl. I-”

But then Lisa was cut off, as Lottie interrupted her, spinning around to face her, so her bottom was now safely hidden in the corner, and her eyes blazed as they met her teacher’s surprised expression, for Lisa was certainly a little taken aback by such a show of open defiance. 

“I won’t do it!” Lottie cried at her. “I’m not apologising to that… that… girl,” she finally finished. It was clear she wanted to call Susie something ruder, but however defiant she might be feeling right now, she didn’t quite dare push it that far with Lisa. Still, even ‘girl’ sounded like a dirty word with the tone Lottie had put on it. “I won’t do it, and you can’t make me,” she said, folding her arms. 

Sophie and Alexa -The Morning after (part two of chapter 2)

Hiya all, so here is part two of chapter two in my Sophie and Alexa series, I thought you deserved a update after a long wait. I think I have a few more to add to this chapter as it’s a little longer than I anticipated and quite frankly I’m also too tired to write any more today… hugging you all.

Here is part one and two

Enjoy and keep bratting

Carrie xx

Sophie was awake and dressed early the next morning, despite the disturbed night they’d all had. Deep down she hated having to deal with these sorts of situations but felt compelled to do so. Both of girls relied on her, to follow through. It’s how their brains worked, if she didn’t it could be more harmful than not. Fully aware both brats must have struggled to sleep last night, she left them for a little longer, seeing as they would still be deep within the land of nod. 

After brewing herself a mug of her favourite herbal tea and placing an instant porridge sachet in the microwave to cook, Sophie then pulled out a pad and pen. Sitting at the kitchen table she headed one-page Alexa and the other Maisie. She expected this sort of behaviour from Alexa but was truly disappointed and a little bit bewildered with Maisie’s. The girl occasionally needed a firm hand, but outright naughtiness was not what Sophie expected, she would have to keep a closer eye on Maisie now. Sophie contemplated her next move as she doodled across the name Maisie. 

After a couple hours, Sophie looked up from her paper as she heard footsteps on the landing above her, ‘ah, that means Alexa’s up and showering. I’m sure Maisie’s hiding away in her bed. Time to get her up’ Sophie thought to herself. She discarded the paper and made her way down the hall to the spare room at the back of the house. Knocking on the door, waiting for a response and not hearing one, Sophie pushed the door too, and stepped in. 

Maisie was huddled in her bed looking a little green around the gills. She popped up suddenly and pulled the blankets up over her head when she saw Sophie. “There is no point hiding now young lady. I want you up, showered and dressed in thirty minutes. I expect to see you in the kitchen for breakfast.” With that Sophie left the room leaving Maisie to decide her next move. Sophie hopped she would listen and not make matters worse.

To Sophie’s relief both girls appeared washed and dressed in perfect timing. She placed a steaming bowl of porridge in front of each and a sprinkling of cinnamon on Alexa’s. Each girl hastily ate up unsure of how the rest of the day was to pan out.

In no time each bowl was empty. Both Alexa and Maisie locked downwards in shame as an awkward silence came over the room. Finally bringing her pad to the table, Sophie took a vacant chair. “I was up bright and early this morning girls, so I took the opportunity to write down all the mishaps of the night, and day” she said as she glared at a flushing Maisie. 

Alexa felt awful seeing Sophies displeasure at Maisie. “It was my fault, not hers, take it out on me, please” Sophie was secretly proud of Alexa’s honesty, but Maisie played her part and would be dealt with firmly for doing so. She could have easily walked away. 

“I’m sorry Alexa but I can’t let that happen, Maisie is more than capable of saying no and I didn’t see her doing so, but saying that,” Sophie said, holding up her hand as Alexa went to cut in again. “I will take into account what you have said” leaving it at that Sophie ripped out two pages from the pad and slid them across the table to the owner of each.” 

“On these pieces of paper, I have written out a few paragraphs regarding the parts you each played last night, how they affected me and finally how you will be punished. After I take you both over my knee for a good, sound warm up spanking, you will be placed in the corner with said essay. You will then have one hour, and one hour only to read what I have written and memorise it. When we come to dealing with your individual parts, you will recite this, clearly.” Sophie instructed, while two rather shocked brats looked back at her.

With that, Sophie allowed the two girls digest what had been said before instructing they follow her into the sitting room where the first part of their punishment would take place. As they walked in silence, both girls, with their heads bent towards the floor, clutching their papers and Sophie rubbing her temples as a little ache started to emerge, it was going to be a long afternoon.  

Sitting down on the sofa, Sophie sent Maisie to the far corner, hands on head and nose touching the wall. She pulled a subdued Alexa in-between her legs as she began unfastening the clasp on her jeans. “I am very disappointed and rather hurt by your actions little lady, yes, I expected a couple of pranks, but you took this way too far and you pulled one of my colleagues into it, not thinking for one moment about how this could impact her career.” At this Maisie gave a loud sob and Alexa buried her head in her hand. 

“Luckily, after this I will let the matter drop and we will speak no more of it. You were very lucky no senior members were in the office or I may have found my hand pushed into a disciplinary direction.” Sophie added, not wanting Maisie to have the added worry of losing her job.   

With that Sophie swiftly flipped Alexa over her knee. From experience she knew to hold Alex’s hand in place at the small off her back. This was for, both her safety and comfort. Alexa had once divulged that holding hands during this vulnerable time, let her know she was still loved and safe. With that Sophie raised her hands and set about lighting the fire upon the pale cheeks in front of her. Alexa wiggled slightly and yelped every so often. Being used to this position she knew it best to grit her teeth and bare it, any kicking could simply make the situation worse and with what was to come she knew that wouldn’t be pleasant for either of them. As Sophie’s hand rained down in an alternating pattern, the red hue slowly started to spread covering the whole surface of Alex’s bottom. Before long, Sophie stood Alexa back up, lead her to the opposite corner. Placing blue tac to the back of Alexa’s essay she stuck it to the wall and physically directed Alexa into place, she adjusted her position slightly, but too not much as Alexa knew what was expected from her. 

“You have an hour, so I would get to reading if I were you.” Turning back to the sofa, Sophie called Maisie over. The girl shuffled forward a little worried for what was going to happen. Sophie had discussed this part with Alexa previously to make sure she was ok with it. While she had spanked Maisie before, it had never been on the bare or to this extreme. Sophie thought back to how open minded and kind Alexa had been, something that made her love that girl so much more, if that was even possible. Alexa had agreed it would be unfair to leave Maisie stranded and that although she hadn’t known it at the time, it was her who had pushed Sophie to discuss a slightly more ‘professional’ spanking agreement with Maisie, after Sophie had become overwhelmed with the girls improper behaviour at work. 

Bringing herself back to the present, Sophie lifted Maisie’s chin, so their eyes met. “I’m going to take you over my lap now. I want you to try and not kick too much ok?” Maisie sniffled and nodded her head earnestly. “I’ll be good, I promise” Sophie smiled, it always amused her how much a brat could really believe that when they’re about to pay the piper. Sure, enough Maisie found herself bent over in the same position Alexa had just been in. She felt Sophie flip up her skirt and place her thumb into her underwear waist band readying to pull them down. She urgently threw her hand back to cover herself but only found her hand pinned. 

“This spanking is to be done on the bare young lady, now you have a choice, either I hold your hand here, or you keep it down there in front of you, it’s up to you?

“I won’t move my hand again” Maisie sniffed and then allowed her weight to be supported by Sophie’s thighs as she folded her head into each of her arms. “good girl” Sophie praised and took this as her opportunity to start, she circled Maisie’s waist with one arm and began to slowly spank. Knowing Maisie was more of a novice when it came to spankings, Sophie made sure to place less force behind each swat, although it didn’t stop the girl from wriggling and pleading as if she was applying similar if not worse force to Alexa’s

“If you don’t stop wiggling, I’ll carry this on, on your thighs, until you do stop.” Sophie instructed sternly. she was greeted with the desired effect she’d hoped for as Maisie soon stilled and allowed her to bring her concentration back to the fleshy area. When she was finally satisfied with the red hue she’d made, Sophie picked up the snivelling girl, gave her a quick hug and brushed the tears away. In a similar fashion to how she’d dealt with Alexa she led the girl back to her corner, stuck up the essay and left her to get reading. 

TopBot Poem

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well, considering… Anyway I’ve spent a lot of my time hanging around Emma’s blog, its lots of fun and has some great stories to read….go, go, go check it out.

Anyway she created TopBot as no Tops roam the halls of her blog, now she has TopBot to do that… Personally I think we’re all too angelic to need a Toppy influence ;p but here’s a little poem I gifted to her blog and am now posting for you all….

Enjoy…. and most of all, Keep Bratting

Carrie xx

TopBot Poem

This is a story of bot we all love,

It was like she was gifted to us from above

If mischief occurred, over you’d go,

Here is where I should let you know.

She’ll swat away steadily ignoring each squeal,

and refuse to make any type of ridiculous plea deal.

Redder and Redder, until the lesson sunk in

With a paddle, a cane or her hand, thick or thin

but by now you’d be kicking with unembarrassed cries.

So next she’ll direct them straight to your thighs.

It started when the brats became reckless and Emma became riled,

she unfortunately allowed her mind to run wild.

A boom, crash and bang and the room became hot,

out strolled from the smoke, none other than TopBot.

It would seem that Emma had fallen for fates bait,

And had resulted in the invention she had not meant to create.

Carrie loved her brat mates, as they could all scheme and plot,

But now they keep quiet in case of TopBot.

If she were to hear that’d be the end

as each one she’d line up, then insist they all bend.

Down the line she would go, giving each rump a swat

but then they’re forgiven, it’s like she forgot,

But be warned my brats mates you must realise

That TopBot will see through every disguise.

So next time behave, that is the deal, or you will be reminded her hands made of steel!

As the poem comes, to a timely end

First and foremost, TopBot is our friend….

Sophie and Alexa 2

Hiya, I hope you are all well and not going as stir crazy as I am in lock down. Luckily, I have my wonderful girlfriend to keep me sane and to edit my appauling grammar. I would like to add just a little side note, normally I would not suggest the series of events to go the way they do for this story, it just adds to the fun and drama of the story. But at different times and in different varying degree’s you may get away with them. ;D Anyway, enjoy…. I would love to read any comments, even if it’s because you see a little mistake, I’m prone to those too, but then again I can blame my GF as she was meant to do the edits, just don’t tell her I said so!!! ;p


Having tested her boundaries with April last year, Alexa could not help the giggle that escaped her lips as she pulled out her note pad to start a list of her best pranks to date. It was only February and many people would think it a little early to start thinking about April Fools day. Not for Alexa, this year she promised would be a year like no other. 

Having googled and surfed the web for hours on end, Alexa had planned her perfect ideas. she would have to rope in a few people to help. The first one might be a little hard. Alexa remembered meeting a small blonde haired colleague, named Maisie at Sophie’s annual summer party last year. The two, being a similar age with Alexa being a couple years her senior, had hit it off well. Alexa wasn’t much interested in Sophie’s lawyer friends but, Maisie was sweet and fun, making Alexa’s time there much easier. After the party Alexa had found Maisie on Facebook, the two had occasionally chatted over messenger but nothing more. 

Pulling up Facebook now, Alexa found Maisie and started off with a simple “Hey, how are you?” hopefully she’d get a reply.

Beside each subject upon her April Fools list was a little tick box, Alexa loved lists, she smirked as she crossed the box next to  ‘Text Maisie’ and went on to her next job. 

Amazon was Alexa’s favourite shopping site, convenient, quick and selling everything under the sun. Unfortunately her spending habits had resulted in Sophie taking charge and replacing her email with Alexa’s, meaning anything Alexa bought Sophie knew about it. Being the young tech girl she was, it didn’t take Alexa long to create a new account. She loaded up her basket with grass seeds, rubber bands, she was in need of some hairspray anyway and couldn’t quite resist the super cool advert for Orbeez. Clicking pay, Alexa sat back and grinned, she had set the plan in motion. 

A couple of weeks passed and parcels hadn’t arrived, her secret account did not have prime so the packets took longer, but this didn’t bother Alexa as she was being super organised. In any other situation Sophie may have actually been impressed with the her organisational skills. Maybe she’ll see it that way after, who knows. 

Grabbing her spare key bored, which she had dragged from under her bed a few days back, Alexa set it upon the counter. She filled the gaps between each letter with soil and proceeded to rip open each grass seed sachet and tip them into the soil. Wanting to get the incriminating evidence out of view before Sophie came home, Alexa ran out to her car opened the boot and left it in there. She’d pull it out for water and care throughout the day while Sophie was working her crazy hours at work. 

Pulling out her phone, Alexa sent a quick message and photo to Maisie, the two had got back in touch a couple weeks back and Maisie had been all to happy to be persuaded to help. Soon the reply buzzed back with an excited message in response. They had mutually agreed to meet up that weekend for a coffee to finalise the plans for next week. 

Walking into Costa, Alexa waved at Maisie who was seated at a corner table with two coffees in front of her. As Alexa sat down, greetings were made and Maisie pushed one coffee into Alexa hands, before getting down to business. It was agreed that Maisie would swap over Sophie’s key board early morning before she was due to arrive and then a chain of events would take it on from there. Having everything meticulously planned out each step of the day, each girl knew what they had to do. Handing a bag of provisions for Maisie to take home, the girls moved their conversations on to more mundane topics as they drank one too many coffees. 

The 31st of March came around quickly, Alexa was being so well behaved but couldn’t help feeling nervous and excited all in one. Alexa’s behaviour and mood recently had put Sophie on edge, she had been so busy and stressed with work recently, as busy season had well and truly set in. Everyone was working longer hours and living on a thin line between stressed and fed up. This time of year was always a little stressful in the office, with tensions running high for everyone, what Sophie didn’t need just yet was Alexa to blow it with the good behaviour. 

After a long day of work, Sophie dropped her rucksack at the bottom of the stairs to be taken up that evening and went into the sitting room to find Alexa curled up with the TV playing one of her favourite documentaries. she sat down and pulled her girlfriend in close for a snuggle as she released as much tension as possible. 

Alexa looked up with big searching eyes “you ok, busy day?” she asked as Sophie pinched the bridge of her nose like she did when ever she was stressed. Sophie nodded and proceeded to tell Alexa about her day. 

“We’re close to signing everything off but as you can imagine the client isn’t being easy and Maisie was practical useless. I mean she was a bundle of mistakes today, I don’t know what got into her she’s never like this.”

Alexa’s eye’s widened slightly at this and mentally reminded herself to shoot Maisie a message later. she slipped out of Alexa’s arms and padded into the kitchen with the intention of making them both a hot chocolate. 

That evening Sophie was so tired she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. This worked in Alexa’s favour as now was when her plans were about to start. Slipping out of bed, she tiptoed across the room. She froze as one of the floor boards creaked loudly, Sophie gave a grunt in her sleep, luckily she simply turned over and continued to snore gently, something she always refused to admit she does. 

Slipping out the room Alexa padded into the kitchen. She grabbed the sitting room tv remote and pulled out her bundle of multicoloured elastic bands and proceeded to cover layer over layer of bands making it nearly impossible to use. With that done, she hid it under a cushion in the sitting room, knowing Sophie would have no time in the morning to use the tv. 

Next she popped into the downstairs bathroom with hairspray in hand. Sitting on top of the toilet seat she grabbed the new roll and began to spray the sides and edges, sticking them down making it nearly impossible to find the opening piece. Leaving the loo roll to dry, Alexa left the hairspray on the counter, with the intension of re-spraying later. 

With the toilet roll drying, Alexa finally organised one of her more ‘normal’ yet hilariously fun pranks. Using black card, she proceeded to cut out a rather large Silhouette of a  bug. With that done she discarded all evidence, checked her phone, and replied to a rather excited text from Maisie, she then re-applied the hairspray one final time. Checking that it was near impossible to find the first piece she gave it a quick spin on its holder and tiptoed up to their room. 

Alexa was satisfied to see that Sophie still slept soundly, happily undisturbed. creeping into their bathroom she pulled out Sophie’s head and shoulders shampoo, emptied it into a spare container and hid it at the back of a cupboard. Then she grabbed a couple tubes of tooth paste and started to squeeze into the bottle, lastly she cut the end and used her tooth brush to scrape out the rest. no point in wasting any. When she was satisfied it was full enough she popped the bottle back in its place. Needing to hide the proof from tonight she decided to shove the empty toothpaste into her work bag, a place she new Sophie wouldn’t look.  

With everything ready, she slipped back into bed, feeling a little too excited to sleep. As time ticked on her eyes drew heavy and a blanket of black took over as she dreamed of how the next day would go. 

As Alexa had assessed, Sophie ran about the house grabbing this and that, with a slice of toast in her mouthing and coffee in her flask. Alexa opened the door for her as she wrenched on her boots whilst tumbling out the door. She threw a kiss on Alexa’s cheek and promised she wouldn’t be home too late. All Alexa could to was hold her breath and wave her off. When the door was shut, Alexa shot a quick message. “She’s just left, have you got everything set up”

No sooner had she sent the message her phone lit up with a reply. A simple thumbs up indicated the stage was well and truly set. 


Maisie had crept into work early, a few people looked up when she entered, giving looks of astonishment. Maisie had a talent for being late, seeing her this early was unheard of. Ignoring everyone Maisie flopped down into her rather messy cubicle, something that really rubbed Sophie up the wrong way, as she was usually a very tidy and organised person. She then proceeded to grab a couple files, she was meant to leave of Sophie’s desk and a plastic bag. As she made her way to the Sophie’s office she was greeted with good mornings, which she is good nature returned. Slipping into the office she sighed to see the blinds were closed and she hurriedly set about unplugging Sophie’s key board and replacing it with the now fully grown grass bed keyboard. She took a quick snap and sent it off to Alexa. She put the old keyboard away in her plastic bag and left the files where they were meant to have been left last night. She scurried out, checking she hadn’t been seen and made her way back to her cubical, shoving the incriminating plastic bag with key board into an abandoned, unused locker. Back at her cubical she sat down and booted up her laptop, getting ready to start what would be a very full on day. An hour later, Sophie sauntered into the office with a bagel in hand, as she passed Maisie’s desk her eye brows shot up in surprise.

“Well it’s nice to see you on time today, you think the desk could be tided too?” she said with a laugh and a wink as Maisie replied with a “not likely”. Maisie held her breath, and followed with her eyes as Sophie carried on down the corridor and into her office. No noise or commotion occurred so Maisie focused on her screen trying to take her mind off everything. 

As Sophie entered her room, she turned on the light and hung her coat up on the stand. She turned round with a big sigh, she had a feeling today would be just as taxing as yesterday. As her eyes surveyed the room the landed on the key board, Sophie had to blink a couple times thinking she was seeing things. But there sat her keyboard covered in grass. Growling to herself, knowing getting this sorted would take time out of an already busy day, she turned tale, stood in the middle of her team announcing a morning meeting in her office in ten minutes. With that she went to the office and sat down at her desk rubbing her temples, elevating some of the tension already brewing. 

As the group filed into the small office, a few people sniggered at the sight of her key board, while others covered their mouths to hide their amusement and some just looked shocked. Ignoring the reactions of her team, Sophie began her briefing for the day, and dished out jobs to individuals. When she was finished she dismissed them all, as they turned to exit she called out one final time.

“Oh and before I forget, if the person who was so kind enough to leave me this, April-fools prank doesn’t come clean by lunch, then I’m afraid, each and everyone of you will be staying late for the rest of the week and the weekend. I can easily find jobs for you all.” several people angrily spoke up, but Sophie quietened them with a hand and a stern look, making it clear they were all dismissed. 

The team left the room feeling subdued and upset, commenting between them trying to work out who had done it. no one could think who. 

Meanwhile back at home, Alexa had leisurely gone about the house setting up her pranks for later. The bug silhouette had been taped into the bad side table lamp shade on Sophie’s side of the bed. She then grabbed three bags of Orbeez and proceeded to empty them into the toilet. lowering the seat she left them to expand as the instructions said they would and decided to give that toilet roll downstairs one last spray. 

Wandering into the kitchen, Alexa had one last genius prank she wanted to plan. Before bed Sophie always took her medication with a glass of water. It was usually Alexa who got this ready throughout the day as she didn’t work. Filling a tumbler with water, she placed a thick piece of card on top and made her way up stairs. Removing the lamp and few things to ensure they didn’t get wet, she flipped the glass over leaving the card there to hold the water in. She then slowly went about removing the card and leaving the glass as it was. Placing everything back as it was Alexa ran downstairs and flicked through the channels on the tv with a spare remote control she’d bought. She would  have to remember to leave this one outside, behind the bush nearest to the open sitting room window.  


As the morning dragged on at work for Maisie, she started to feel like more and more guilty, especially as more and more people were getting annoyed with no news of anyone owning up. Knowing she had to do the right thing and having completed one area she needed to get signed off by Sophie, she nervously made her way into the dreaded office. As she arrived there was a commotion of IT personnel moving about as a visibly stressed Sophie over saw it all. 

“You mean to tell me that they also pulled out a load of wires and put them back in all the wrong ways” one of the IT person nodded his head and sighed.

“We’re going as quickly as we can ma’am, but they are also a mess now”. Sophie waved him off kindly, it wasn’t his fault after all. Noticing a rather nervous looking Maisie at the door, she went over to see what she wanted. Having suddenly lost her voice she shoved the files in Sophie’s direction, watching as she whipped a pen out of her slightly fussed up bun and scribbled her signatures. As Sophie dismissed her not wanting too many people in the room at this time, Maisie grabbed Sophie’s sleeve, getting her attention. 

“I need to talk to you…er, um…privately, when you are free, please”. Noticing the tears brimming in Maisie’s eyes she guided the girl out the room, telling the IT staff she would only be a moment and directed her into another private meeting room. Sitting on the edge of the table she regarded Maisie sternly yet kindly giving her a moment to collect herself before beginning the whole story, of her April Fools prank which had gone completely out of hand and wrong.  She apologised profusely. Not being too surprised with the admission, Sophie sighed, 

“And I suppose the pulling out off all the wires was part of your plan, hmmm?” she asked. Maisie’s eyes widened. 

“No, no, I promise I really didn’t mean that, it kind of just happened.” She mumbled to a displeased Sophie. 

“I really  am sorry” the girl replied, eyes wide worrying about what Sophie would do. She had a sinking feeling that she would find herself in the same position she was when Sophie had found her skiving from work. 

“Well at least you were honest with me, I will deal with you later. I’m not sure what I plan to do. Today is going to be very busy. I will either speak to you later or tomorrow after I have decided on a suitable punishment. I can reassure you young lady that a trip over my lap may just be what you need.” A few tears leaked out of Maisie’s eyes and on to the floor where she presently stared, she felt an arm pull her into a hug and heard a gentler voice speaking now. 

“Now, now calm down, no real damage was done but I will have to teach you a less, you understand I can’t let this go. Why don’t you clean your face and we will speak soon, ok?” Knowing that was more of a rhetorical question, Maisie pulled herself together and set about cleaning herself up to finished the day. She knew she’d get her due soon enough. Why, oh Why did she agree to do this with Alexa, it all seemed so fun to start with. 

Back at at home, it was getting late and Alexa knew Sophie would be making her way back home soon. She was brimming with excitement but was very aware she hadn’t heard anything from Maisie or Sophie, this made her both worried slightly and relieved as no word from Sophie meant she hadn’t been caught just yet! Maybe Maisie was just really busy today. Having completed her daily list of jobs, each box now had a satisfying tick in it. She closed her daily rules and lists book , tucked it away where it lived on the book case and sat down to do a spot of reading, before the events of tonight would start. 


The day had flown by in a whirlwind, giving Sophie next to no time to sit down and stop of a moment. she’d managed to grab only an apple for lunch, which she knew wasn’t nearly suitable enough for lunch and ate worked on the go. Her day was full of constantly walking to and fro from her office, attending meetings with clients and managing her team. By the time she did manage to stop, she realised that the office with empty and the clock read 18:30, most people leave to work at home. With Alexa for a girlfriend that was rarely plausible as she required one to one attention most of the time. Deciding to finish of a few more thing and give it a night as there was no more that she could do, Sophie gathered her stuff together, disconnected her phone which was charging by the computer and made her way to exit the building. On her way she heard a gentle sniffle and tapping noise coming from one of the cubicles. She was rather surprised to see Maisie still working rather subduedly at her desk. Sophie closed her eyes, remembering she’d completely forgot to catch up with her, she had by no means forgotten the incident but had been carried away with the day. 

Putting her bag down she leant over Maisie, shut her laptop and proceeded to pull the girls coat around her and guide her out the building while telling her “I’ll drop you home and i’ll call you tomorrow Morning 7am sharp, to discuss your behaviour, ok?” Maisie nodded her head, happy that the weekend was here but equally worried for her backside. The rest of the journey home was quiet, with both taking the time to digest the day. When she dropped Maisie off, she gave her a hug, wished her good night. 

“Remember, everything will be all right in the end” she reminded the your girl. 

As Sophie opened the door to their home she smelt the welcoming scent of cookies being baked. Alexa popped her head out from the kitchen and grinned. “guess what we have for pudding?” She giggled as a worn out Sophie enveloped her in a much needed hug. 

After a lovely dinner of home made, carbonara and salad on the side Sophie and Alexa settled down on the sofa to chill. Usually at this time Sophie loved to watch her Countdown program, something that did not interest Alexa all that much. Instead she sat with a book, hoping to hide her face. Sophie was frowning looking around the room for the remote, she asked a couple time 

“Baby, have you seen the remote” but was only answered with a dismissive grunt, a little habit Alexa had acquired when ever she became so engrossed in her book. After a bit Sophie moved to checking the smaller sofa and the arm chair, moving the seating and cushions, with no luck. moving to where Alexa was, she pulled the whole seating back with one go, and jumped when a hard object witch she expected was the lost remote, hit her foot. she rooted around the cushions and pulled out the band covered remote. She narrowed her eyed towards Alexa, who was silently laughing behind her book. She peeked over to see her girlfriends reaction, luckily for her Sophie had relaxed enough to see the funny side and started to remove the bands, while threatening to spank her girls bottom for a month of Sundays with that very remote. Sophie knew she was kidding from the small smirk that graced her face as she continued to free the remote. 

As Sophie worked away with the remote, Alexa’s phone beeped with a message from Maisie. It had taken Alexa some time to persuade her to come and help finish the pranks, after the day Maisie had, but she finally relented. That message alerted Alexa that she was currently in place behind the bush. Peeping over book in the direction she saw a little head pop up and Maisie gave a brisk wave with a renewed grin plastered to her face. Alexa quickly text back telling her to be ready. At that moment Sophie ripped off the last elastic band, pulled an unsuspecting Alexa over her lap and Gave a volley of swats over her trousers before depositing her back with her book looking rather stunned. Sophie sat back with a sigh, now she could watch her show. it was just starting to get good too. 

Alexa went back to her book hiding again as Sophie turned on the tv. she flicked through till she got to her episode, Only for the tv to turn off completely. Sophie looked a little confused and once again tried to switch it back on, thinking her tired state had resulted in her hitting the wrong button. This time however the screen lasted less that five seconds before it switched off. Sophie stood, up inspected the box and pulled out the leads. Giving it another go she was happy to see the countdown stage light up and stay put. Getting to her show she hit play and settled down with her arm draped around Alexa, resting on the head rest of the sofa. Five minuets into the show, it suddenly flicked off, just as Sophie was trying to work out the rather difficult number round, to baby baboons swung around the screen, picking up nuts, chewing bits of leaf and eating flees of each others backs. Alexa was sure she heard a swear but couldn’t quite be sure as it was so quiet. She smirked and watched the show as Sophie angrily picked up the remote, changed the channel back to her pre-recorded program. Again it can’t have been five minutes before the TV powered off once more. Sophie threw up her hands, seething. 

“I’m going up, I can’t be bothered with this, I’ll take a look tomorrow.” with that she made her way up to her room. As soon as she left the room. Alexa ran to the window to giggle with Maisie. 

“That was sooooooo good, she didn’t even realise. wait till she uses her shampoo, it’s hair wash night” Maisie gave a nervous laugh and was once again persuaded to wait until Sophie was asleep so the girls could chat. 

Leaving Maisie were she was, with a sandwich a book and some popcorn, she made her into their room. The ensuite door was shut and the shower running. Alexa changed into her pyjamas and slipped into her bed, vibrating with excitement. About two minutes into Sophie’s shower, the water turned off and a fuming Sophie, with sticky white hair stormed out. 

“So you want to explain this” she growled as she pointed to her hair. unfortunately Alexa was so over taken by giggles that she couldn’t form words. 

“I’ll deal with you after” she snapped and re-entered the bathroom,  trying to get the stickiness, which she could tell from the smell was toothpaste, out of her hair. The shower was on for about another twenty minutes but over all Sophie took a good half an hour getting changed. She decided it best to fully prepare for bed so they could both sleep after she deals with Alexa. Much to her dismay and shock, when she opened the toilet seat she was greeted with a toilet bowl full to the brim with millions of small, wet, ball things. This was the best description she had. 

Sophie took a deep breath several times, before raising her voice and calling her ever so slightly sheepish girlfriend into the bathroom. The volume at which she spoke was so quiet and controlled it worried Alexa a little, this meant Sophie was really not happy and maybe she had taken things too far. 

“I am too tired to deal with this, you or anything right now. I am going down stairs to use the bathroom. You can start cleaning this and from the looks of things, i’d say you had something to do with the tv too!” From the look on Alexa’s face Sophie knew she was right. 

“You can expect a rather long session over my lap tomorrow, my girl. Have a think about how you have acted tonight” with that, she left the room. Alexa moaned knowing full well things hadn’t even ended yet. Knowing her doom was fated Alexa didn’t dare leave the bathroom to text Maisie to make a run for it. She started to clean the Orbeez from the toilet, frowning at having to scoop them out with her hands. It didn’t take long for Sophie to storm up the stairs after the flush of the toilet downstairs could be heard. maybe, just maybe Sophie hadn’t noticed and had been able to open the first piece. The door flung open and a red faced Sophie stood at the door. 

“I know you hairsprayed the toilet roll, that’’s an old trick in the book. I am just about done with your antics tonight, get to bed now.” Alexa was frozen with shock at Sophie’s reaction that she hesitated for a second too long and an angry, fed up Sophie, marched forward, grabbed her by the ear and marched her to bed with repeated swats to her bare bottom. Her  pyjama bottoms had been pulled to her knees, as she awkwardly stumbled along, ‘owing’ and ‘ouching’ with every swat. She clambered into bed, relieved the heat from the swats had ended. Sophie walked around to her side of the bed, stoney faced, grabbed her medication. She popped open the pill box and grabbed the glass of water by her bed.

Everything happened in slow motion, Sophie leapt to her feet as water covered her, the bed side table and several books stacked neatly beneath the table. Alexa’s hand shot to cover her mouth in shock as a now boiling Sophie stood up and left the room. Alexa stayed still, not daring to move as the last thing Sophie said before storming out was “stay”. It was a good thirty minuets before Sophie returned. 

“Get up” she said, Alexa not daring to argue did as she was told, preparing herself for her doom. she was therefore surprised when instructed to remover her bottoms and sit in the water. Completely confused Alexa looked puzzled but Sophie’s face made it clear, disobeying was no option this time round. Alexa slowly and rather embarrassingly followed the orders. She sat in the water, and was surprised when Sophie bent down and pulled her crossed legs straight out from beneath her, so the water covered her bottom and thighs. when she was satisfied, she pulled Alexa up and over her lap. correcting her position and wrapping an arm round Alexa’s waist she pulled her in close. 

“I am so disappointed in you Alexa Jean, I have had a long, not to mention taxing day and you took your pranks way too far, some were even rather mean.” With that she set about peppering Alexa’s bottom rapidly keeping up speed and force as the young girl wriggled and pleaded with her unmoved determined girlfriend. Sophie was going to make this lesson stick. With a wet bottom Alexa could feel each sting ten times more than usual. She cried out with each swat and promised to never ever do it again. 

“I’ll clean everything, I’m sorry, Sophie, it hurts” she whines and sniffled. 

Good, it’s meant to, maybe it will help the message sink in. After several more rounds, Sophie picked up the hair brush, which was lying in the pool of water on the bedside and gave a now crying Alexa ten firm swats to each cheek. She then picked the sobbing girl up and coddled her, whispering sweet words into her mop of hair as she clung on and buried her head into Sophie’s neck. When Alexa had calmed down enough, she stood the girl up and corrected her clothes. Grabbing a towel from the bathroom, she watched as a still slightly sniffling Alexa followed the orders to tidy and dry up the bedside. Luckily the books that sat down by her bedside looked relatively unscathed as she had managed to save them. 

When all was clean and dry,  Sophie pulled the bed sheets back and ordered Alexa into bed. An awkward look graced her face and she tried to stutter something incoherent. Sophie walked over to her, lifted her chin and spoke calmly. “That look usually means you’ve still got something to own up too? hmmm?” Alexa looked down at her feet and sighed. coming clean would be best. 

“Maisie, your colleague is outside, I persuaded her to help. She was turning the TV on and off.” realisation hit Sophie’s face. 

“I suppose you had something to do with my keyboard too then?” She said raising her eyes. Alexa nodded her head but Sophie was already making her way down the stairs and out the front door. She walked round to the window and found a rather scared Maisie, who looked like a deer caught in the head lights. Not wanting to get into this all tonight she pointed toward the door, “Inside now”’ Maisie scurried in, not missing the hard swat that followed as she passed. She didn’t dare say anything and Sophie didn’t have the energy to say anything either. She proceeded to take the girl up stairs, passing an apologetic Alexa and into the spare room. Sophie pulled out some warm pyjamas and opened up the bed sheets. 

Finally breaking her silence, she simply said, “Change and bed. we will be discussing this tomorrow morning. You, me and Alexa.” 

With that she hugged the girl, placed a kiss on her head, another swat on her bottom and left the room.

on exiting she sighed, rubbed the bridge of her nose and addressed Alexa who was still at the top of the stairs looking awkward. Bed now I think, we can and will discuss this further tomorrow. As Alexa went into their room, Sophie went down to grab a bottle of water, she had enough spilt water for one night. 

Turning the light off and feeling her way to the bed as Alexa had turned off her side light and was curled up in bed. Sophie sat on the edge and turned on her side lamp, she jumped and squealed, making Alexa turn on her light. There on Alexa’s lamp shade was the silhouette of a large bug. She covered her face as Sophie got closer to see what it was and covered herself completely under the sheets as Sophie growled and ripped off the paper bug. 

Peeking out from under the sheets Alexa watched as a still glaring Sophie took her meds got into bed, turned her girl over and gave her a volley of swats. You and I are going to have a nice chat with the bath brush tomorrow, young lady. With that she pulled a sniffling Alexa into her arms. 

“With all you put me through missy, I still love you.” with that the pair fell into a deep sleep knowing tomorrow would be one very long day.

A castle under siege

A/N: Hiya guys, hope you are well and staying safe?! So here’s a new story written by myself and my lovely girlfriend. We had great fun going back and forth, discovering where the other was going to take this story. Feel free to leave a comment with what you thought, I’d love to hear from you! Hugs and happy reading…


Georgie grinned and stepped back to admire the three-tiered magical Elsa castle. It was covered head to toe in sickly sweet icing, edible glitter (which not only covered the cake but the entirety of the kitchen surfaces, floors included) and airbrushed shades of blue and white edible paints. Hearing Georgie’s excited giggle and exclamation for her to come take a look, Francesca popped her head through the door way, leant again the door pane and placed her hands on her hips with a wide grin to match Georgie’s. 

“Aly is going to love this” she gushed, ignoring the state of the room for a moment. Georgie nodded enthusiastically as she produced an equally large princess cake box and proceeded to assemble it. Signalling at Francesca to help, the two managed to gently lift (mirroring the ‘to me to you’ scene from Chucklevision) and lower the cake into the box ready for the next day. 

Georgie gave a final clap of the hands and snuggled into Francesca’s chest while her girlfriend stroked her hair and held her in the way that made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. “I can’t wait to see her little face when she sees it tomorrow.” Francesca grinned, nodding her head. 

“she’s the most spoilt little girl I know” she laughed as she wet a rag and placed it, with a wink into Georgie’s hand

“and you, my dear, are the messiest girl I know” Georgie groaned as she surveyed the mess around her, if only she had listened and tidied as she went along. 

In the mess and excitement of everything, Georgie had forgotten to keep the kitchen door shut, Georgie and Francesca turned around to see their large white Husky tucking into what can only be described as a castle under siege. 

Max was pure white, with one blue eye and the other green, he was bigger than your typical husky. He sensed that he was being watched and so slowly turned around and pulled that face, making it impossible to be mad at him. His big eyes glistened as he sheepishly backed away from the crumbling castle. 

Francesca burst out laughing as Georgie started to well up. “Don’t worry honey’ Francesca said, ‘it’s only a cake we have enough time to save the situation. Just next time remember to keep the dog out.”

Georgie’s eyes narrowed as the words ‘only’ passed Francesca’s lips. “It’s ONLY a cake” she repeated, slowly her cheeks puffing out and turning red hot. As Georgie clenched her fists while sizzling angrily, the rag cloth dripped a puddle of water onto the floor. 

Realising that she may have worded her comment wrong Francesca, pulled a stiff Georgie into her arms and kissed her forehead affectionately. “oh, darling I didn’t mean it like that. I just didn’t want you to have a melt down over a cake, as I said, we can fix this. Why don’t you clean up quickly and I’ll pop some kernels with caramel, and we watch a movie before deciding what to do about making a different cake.”

Georgie was beyond logic and reasoning as she became crosser by the second. She roughly pushed Francesca away, with such force she had to steady herself using the kitchen side for support. Without thinking, and in a blur, Georgie threw the sodden rag right into Francesca’s face, swiped the multitude of the baking ingredients, left out, scattered untidily on the kitchen surfaces, on to the floor. 

Francesca’s eyes widened in horror as Georgie’s out right tantrum caused a cloud of flour, sugar and slightly soggy butter icing to hit the floor. Max who had taken in the scene thought this was all rather exciting and had chosen this moment to jump about madly within the ingredients. His paws skidded and slipped as he clumsily lapped up at the tasty mess. Francesca took one look at the scene, grabbed Max’s collar and glared furiously up at a now wide eyed and slightly worried Georgie. Go to the bedroom now, she hissed calmly, keeping that scary, low tone to her voice. 

Georgie turned tale, a little white in the face as she knew she was in deep, deep trouble. Francesca wouldn’t let this one go. 

Francesca spent the next few hours cleaning up the mess which had been left from this morning’s events. She mopped the floors and cleaned down the kitchen surfaces, so the marble glistened in the afternoon sun. Francesca needed time and space to calm down herself, she couldn’t believe the way that Georgie had acted. Granted that she had the right to be upset given all her hard work had gone to waste, but to actually push her was a step too far and would require a reprimand later.

During this time Georgie was upstairs panicking, she knew she has gone too far and there would likely be severe consequences later. She took a shower to clean herself up and it gave her time to calm down and reflect on her actions. Even a big heartfelt apology wouldn’t get her out of the hole this time. Max had creeped upstairs and into the room as Georgie settled herself onto the king-sized bed, ‘I think we are both in big trouble bub, she isn’t going to let this one go quietly’.

Georgie was gazing out of the window, watching the sun set when she heard footsteps coming towards the room. Sh*t, she thought, I’m going to need to brace myself for this one…

Francesca pushed open their bedroom door to find her girl, curled up in a towel, with her damp hair cascading like a waterfall down over and around her delicate features. Her big brown eyes peered up at her worryingly, as she hastily pushed herself up and immediately started with an abundance of apologies. Lifting a quietening hand, Francesca busied herself calmly by pulling out a nightie and grabbing the hair towel from the ensuite bathroom.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, a still quiet Francesca manoeuvred a damp Georgie between legs and proceeded to towel her off, pull her nightie over her head and gently dry her curls. Knowing now was not a good time to resist, Georgie did as she was told, mechanically lifting her hands and legs when told, allowing the feeling that her girlfriend was there and in control to overtake every fibre of her body. She was safe.    

Once dry and clothed, Georgie sat, lodged in a way, so her head was buried into the nook of Francesca’s neck. Francesca bent her head down to place a kiss on the forehead of a now very apologetic Georgie who was in the process of starting up a new spout of apologies, hoping they could help her narrowly miss what she knew she truly deserved.

“You are going to have to face up to the consequences, missy” Francesca said as a hopeful Georgie pouted in dismay. Francesca was sure no one had a bigger bottom lip. Lifting Georgie out of her lap, Francesca took on a sterner tone.

“Ok little lady, go and get me the hair brush” Georgie’s eyes enlarged at the sound of the evil brush but knowing any argument would make the situation worse, she sulked down the landing into the bathroom and found the mahogany brush, she so very much disliked, perched upon the counter top. Grabbing it, she shot evil eyes at it as she darted back to their room. If she took too much time, Francesca may drag out the punishment. That was something Georgie did not want.

Once back in the room, Georgie went to the spot Francesca was now pointing at with her hand. She stood, back straight, head down and the brush was clasped between both hands in front of her. Francesca lifted Georgie’s head, so her sad eyes could meet her own.  “would you like to tell me how we have ended up here once again missy?” Francesca calmly asked.

Georgie noticed the emphasis on ‘again’ in the sentence. She worried Francesca would get fed up with her. Pushing these thoughts to the background for the time being, a reluctant Georgie cast her mind back and gave an honest account of today’s events. “I threw a tantrum again, over the cake, which I was really up set about, by the way” Francesca nodded her head comfortingly, bidding her to carry on.

“but I suppose I went too far when I threw that cloth at you, that was mean of me. Then there is the mess I made, and I’ve ruined everything for Aly now, haven’t I?” mumbled Georgie as she started to sniffle unhappily.

Francesca took her hands and squeezed them gently between hers. “I wouldn’t say you’ve ruined ‘everything’ at all. We can and will sort the cake out, but right now I’m going to sort out this tantrum you’ve had.” With that Georgie found herself flipped over the ever-familiar soft thighs, with the back of her night gown lifted up and pinned securely by a smooth muscular arm which held her just as firmly.

With a steady pace, Francesca started to layer the swats one after the other, she used a particular pattern of left, right, middle, repeat. As the swats went on so did the ever-boiling heat that grew on the reddening bottom cheeks. Georgie squirmed about, trying to evade the hand of iron with no avail. Not afraid to be vocal, Georgie emitted regular owies and ouchies in between a stuttering of promises to be an angel from then on.

Every time Francesca heard this promise she couldn’t help the smile that creeped across her face, no matter if she was administering a well-deserved punishment. Angel was not a word she would generally put in the same sentence as Georgie, but she did love how this position, no matter how much she hated it, truly made Georgie believe she could be an angel.

After a few minutes Francesca decided she had probably warmed Georgie up enough to make her point. Twenty with the hairbrush would do the trick in reminding her in future that out right tantrums was not the way to deal with her anger.

Lifting the hair brush up from the floor where Georgie had dropped it after tumbling over her lap. Francesca placed the wood onto the glowing buns, the coolness making Georgie wince and whimper as she started her lecture.

“Now Georgie, I completely understand why you were upset, but I do not appreciate you throwing a fit the way you did. If you had been calm, we could have cleaned up, and be watching a movie right now, but once again we are discussing your temper.” As Francesca went about lecturing a sniffling Georgie, she punctuated her pointes with a firm swat or two with the brush. Georgie wiggled and cried out more with the brush, making Francesca pull her in closer to ensure she didn’t slip from her grasp. As she came to the last ten smacks, she stopped her lecturing, believing that Georgie understood where she had gone wrong, and decided to finish this up for good.

“ok baby, you’re doing so well, but not I’m going to give you the last ten, these will be harder, so I don’t mind you moving but please try not to kick too much.” With that and an acknowledged shake of the head from Georgie, Francesca started to rain the last swats down, using the same method as before except this time she included an evil smack to each thigh too. After the two rounds where done, Francesca scooped a sniffling, Georgie up into her lap and cuddled her close as she whispered how much she loved her and how good she was. Knowing that expending too much emotional energy made Georgie tired, Francesca pulled the duvet aside, lay her little ‘angel’ down before hopping into the shower, so she could join her in bed after.

After her shower, a now dry Francesca was greeted by the sight of a calm Georgie snuggled up with a doe eyed husky. Walking up to the bed with hands on her hips she shook her head with amusement. “I think I may need to have words with you about your behaviour too, don’t I Max?”

Max whined a little and nudged her with his big wet nose as she slipped into the bed. He gave her an almighty, wet, slobbery lick up the side of her face before making a run for it. Georgie giggled uncontrollably as Francesca pulled an overly exaggerated shocked face and proceeded to poke and tickle a sleepy Georgie. Before they drifted off Francesca murmured. “remind me to give that dog a good long bath tomorrow. Knowing fully well baths were Max’s worst nightmare.

Ballet Lessons

Hiya all, so I was recently reminded Spring started TOMORROW….eek, as I’m ever the last minute if not entirely out of time, type of lady I decided to save my my ass, so without further ado, here is my piece. No it’s not a specific winter piece but I do like how it runs. I can only hope you do too. Enjoy my friends

Emilia stood strait and obedient as Miss Jones circled her with intent and precision. Each step echoed through the hall, setting the goose bumps upon Emilia’s arms and the hair on her neck to rise. She knew she was in trouble, that her actions would cause her to pay the price. Hell, they may even force her to leave. That thought alone was enough to make the lump that had settled into her stomach to resurface once more. As she mulled over her thoughts, tight tears that had previously settled into the corner of her eyes became loose as one stray tear trickled down her nose before falling of the edge and plummeting to the floor. Lowing her face was the first act of movement Emilia made, one that was counteracted with a hand slowly bringing it back up, only this time to meet the soft yet firm eyes of her ballet teacher and house mother at the royal ballet institute.

“Tell me, why do you cry, Emilia. Do you feel remorse for your actions, or do you simply feel bad for having been caught?” Miss Jones asked. She was a strict lady who demanded respect and dedication from her students. She pushed hard but knew each every one of them would succeed if they tried hard enough. She hated to tell her students off, but incidents like these called for desperate measures. Emilia was usually a good girl, she worked hard and practiced even harder, but of late she had found friendships in some rather undesirable students, something that worried Miss Jones very much. Emilia may only be 21 but she was an adult in the eyes of the law, one that was due to graduate this year. Had she been caught tampering with the costumes of fellow dancers within an actual company she would have automatically been thrown out onto the streets with nothing. No reference or support.

Emilia stuttered at the question, wanting to lower her face once more to the floor where she felt it belonged, but the well-manicured hand of her teacher held it firmly in place. Did she feel guilt for her actions? Yes, she was sure she did, but the other question was why. Why had she felt the need to follow those other girls? Simple, she wanted to belong. She remembered how she felt when Amber had proposed she cut symmetrical circles in each of the buttock areas of Felicity’s swan lake leotard and how much worse she felt when she had profusely refused only to have them reject her friendship if she didn’t go along with it. Now she felt stupid, guilty and scared of what might happen.

Looking Miss Jones in the eye, as there was really no where else to look, Emilia replied quietly to her question. “Honestly, I feel both ma’am. I’ll accept any punishment you deem fit, I’ll even go pack my bags now” she said sure that respect would be needed in these circumstances.

Releasing Emilia’s head Miss Jones took a step back, turning to face away from her to contemplate the next best move.  Her eyes flicked to the mirror above her, she noticed with a little pride that Emilia hadn’t shied away at the loss of contact, she still stood tall with impressive posture and decorum. Something that was a great quality in a dancer and a person. She did not want to expel Emilia, but she would have to do something, and she was sure her next move was just right.  

Turning once more to address Emilia with a stern demeanour, Miss Jones laid out the law. “this is what will happen Emilia, I don’t want to expel you. Quite frankly I believe you have too much potential but, you’ve also got no social skills what so ever, something I believe that has led us to this unfortunate predicament. This is what I will do. Each year, I offer one final year student with an invitation to join the Royal Ballet Company for the year, on a voluntary basis. This means you won’t be paid. As you won’t be my student, I will be a lot firmer with you. You will work hard, practice hard and finally perform harder. There will be no time for foolish playing around and any childish, unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with in the way that I’m about to deal with you right now. Do you understand me?

Emilia was in too much shock from the invite and answer to all her dreams she couldn’t even process what Miss Jones meant when she said ‘deal with you now’ that she simply nodded her head in agreement.

“I will need a verbal answer, Emilia” Miss Jones stated with a raised brow.

“Oh, um, err, yes ma’am” she stuttered out.

“Good” Miss Jones finished as she took Emilia by the arm and led her to one of the ballet bars. Swiftly she lay a hand on the top of her back just between the shoulder blades and pushed her down, so the bar supported her at her waist and hips.

Emilia panicked slightly. She grabbed the bar with her hands and swivelled her head back to look at Miss Jones, wondering if she had gone mad, only to see a firm look and a pointe shoe in her hands.

“Emilia, if you accept this spanking all will be forgotten and forgiven, accept you will have to apologise to Felicity but that should be easy as she is one of our leads within the company. So, you will have all the time in the world, as you will be working closely with her.” Emilia groaned slightly at this thought but did not disagree.

“Do you accept the terms of this arrangement Emilia” Miss Jones questioned.

Emilia was quiet for a moment, weighing up her options fully aware there weren’t many of them. Very quietly she once more looked back at Miss Jones to see a look of anything but maliciousness. And replied with a small “yes ma’am”.

Nodding her head and happy Emilia, who she did rather like, had agreed to her proposition. she took up position behind her, lay a hand on the small of her back before raising her other hand and bringing it down to meet the small bottom presented to her. At the gasp and small squeal, Miss Jones gave a smirk as she followed the first with a rapid succession of five swats to each cheek going back and forth each time. She wanted Emilia to really remember this punishment. After a good twenty-five swats to each cheek, Miss Jones reached down and unsnapped the poppers of the leotard. It now became clear to Emilia why Miss Jones had specified she wear this particular leotard and as a ballet rule across the spectrum, leotards were not to be warn with underwear, so Emilia’s bottom was now slightly pink and completely bare to the vast room and Miss jones.

“No please, Emilia whined and tried to plead, and she put a hand back to cover herself.

“Don’t be silly Emilia, a spanking Isn’t a spanking unless it’s done on the bare, nor are we anywhere finished so be a good girl and put your hand back. Emilia didn’t know what to say but she meekly did as was told waiting apprehensively for the next swats to come, knowing without protection they would hurt that much more.

Miss Jones rubbed Emilia’s back comfortingly, “I know this hurts Emilia, but this is something you greatly need, I feel. I’m going to spank you some more with my hand then I’ll use the back of that pointe shoe. You will receive fifty swats and the last ten I will have you count. Ok? When Emilia nodded her head in understanding Miss Jones continued once more to lay down the swats to Emilia’s now soft bottom. She admired as the colour spread wonderfully into a rosy hue. As the colour spread the squeals and cries eventually lengthened out into one noise. In-between swats Miss Jones would occasionally rub Emilia’s bottom and comment on how well she was doing but none of this seemed to calm the tears that fell. Knowing that she most probably needed a good cry and wanting to finish up sooner rather than later Miss Jones gave a few more swats with her hand on Emilia’s bottom before deciding to focus on a rather more tender spot, the sit spots. As the first double smack made its target Emilia wailed loudly but was dismayed when a further two made contact with her other sit spot. She tried to throw her hand back to cover up once more but was quickly caught and her hand pinned to the small off her back.

“I’ll let you off this once as it’s your first spanking but if it happens again, you’ll get extra added Emilia.” Miss jones commented still raining down the swats as she held Emilia’s hand firm.

Emilia whimpered out an apology as Miss Jones continued in her mission of punishing the naughty bottom in front of her. The rosy pink was now starting to take on a satisfying red, so Miss Jones finished off with a final set of unpredictable spanks to fully even out the colour.

Picking up the hard pointe shoe beside her Miss jones felt Emilia tense up and noticed as her cheeks clenched together in anticipation. “That will actually make it harder for you Emilia. Try to relax a bit”

Emilia took a deep breath and followed Miss Jones’s advice, unclenching and releasing all the tension she could.

“very good, now I would like you to focus on my words.” With that she lifted the pointe shoe and brought down on Emilia’s tender bottom eliciting a cry.

“I’m disappointed in you Emilia, I expect you to make mature choices and do you think ruining show costumes is mature?” Miss Jones asked as she smacked the shoe down once more in succession across the centre of Emilia’s bottom.

Emilia answered quickly amid sniffles and the occasional yelp, with a “no ma’am, I’m soooo sorry” she dragged out the so and stamped her foot in an attempt to alleviate the pain and heat that was ever building in her rear end.

“And do you think allowing yourself to associate yourself with people who ask you, yes I am aware of what really happened Emilia. People who ask you to do these pranks are the right types of friends to have, hmm?” throughout this question Miss Jones punctuated each word with a firm swat to each cheek. Emilia frantically shook her head in agreement but vocalised her answer when reminded with a double swat to each of her sit spots. By now Emilia was starting to feel very sorry, tears flowed down her face. Starting to feel sorry for the girl now, Miss Jones decided maybe the fifty was too much and requested Emilia start counting her final ten, which she would focus on the sit spots.

As the blows came one by one in a slow sequence Emilia blubbered out numbers until she was finally able to spit out ten. She went limp over the bar crying heavily as Miss Jones held her steady and stroked her hair to calm her down to snivels.

Squatting down to Emilia’s head level Miss Jones address her “From now on Emilia I am no longer your University teacher but your chorographer and company leader. Our relationship changes from now, I hope this year and hopefully many more to come can shape you into the girl and dancer I know you can be.” She pulled a sodden with tears Emilia off the bar and into her arms, comforting her and reminding her she was forgiven. After a good half hour of hiccups and sniffles Emilia, who now looked exhausted and dishevelled, stepped back, corrected her leotard with the occasional wince as the fabric touched her tender rump and looked expectantly at Miss Jones who sported a small glint in her eyes and an amused look across her face.

“Go get some rest Emilia, I’ll be expecting you at ballet rehearsals on Monday, five am sharp.” with that she walked back to the mantel piece display and replaced the pointe shoe giving Emilia a pointed look as she left the room. Emilia knew every time she slipped her foot into and fastened her ribbons, she would remember this encounter, forever.

Sophie and Alexa

This story is part of Ellie’s Spankostory Seasonal Challenge, (I don’t know how to link, but we all know her!!! 😀 ) with this one submitted for Autumn. Before you say it I am fully aware it’s a wee bit late but as a wise woman once said
“A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early”- Julie Andrews, Queen Clarisse, Princess diaries.
I hope you enjoy … (excuse the typo’s, spelling issues and grammar, apologies in advance )

“Alexa Mortem?” the officer called looking up from her register to locate the woman who raised her hand with a resigned “here”. The guard nodded her head and ticked her off, before moving to the next person, a rather hostile man, known to the system all too well. Over the last week alone he had managed to antagonize three other people and almost create an all-out fist fight, had it not been for the quick thinking and actions of the roaming officers.

Pulling her fluffy hood further down to hide her face from the nosy spectators ogling them on their early morning dog walks, Alexa grabbed a plastic bag and litter picker from the pile and headed towards a far corner. On arrival, she groaned, hating her need for space and quiet. It was clear some bolshy teenagers had partied the night before, leaving their rubbish for her. Cursing them under her breath, Alexa made quick work of her corner. Twenty minutes later she’d bagged the beer bottles, crushed and bagged the energy drink cans and collected the fag butts. Why anyone wanted to ruin their bodies with such poisons Alexa would never understand but who was she to talk, a twenty-eight-year-old completing one hundred hours of community service for drink driving. A rare drunken mistake, Alexa agreed wasn’t one of her finer moments. Her dear partner would carry on making that impression clear, with a ‘light’ warm up upon her poor backside each morning of her community service.

“Alexa, I have a new job for you” the older officer called as she strode confidently towards her. Swapping out the litter picker, she thrust a large rake into Alexa’s hands.

“It’s getting into Autumn now so naturally the leaves are falling. Apparently, they’re a slip hazard and must go. Between you and I, it’s the nicer job. You sweep, and I’ll get those brats to bag” the officer whispered as she nodded in the direction of two youngsters arguing with a fellow officer about their tardy behaviour, they’d come half an hour late for the third time that week. Alexa shook her head in amusement remembering how hot headed she was before she’d met Sophie and received a rude awakening. To say Sophie had whipped her into shape would be putting it mildly.

Coming up to early evening the group had made steady progress, except for the odd incident here and there. One lady had sliced her hand on a sharp edged can but was soon patched up. A group of school kids on their way to school that morning had tossed their rubbish while jeering and hooting about like hooligans at the disgruntled ‘group of criminals’, as they had all been so rudely called. Some people looked ready for a fight, but they were quickly pushed back to their jobs in the opposite direction.

Taking in the time, the officer called them all over once more, logged their hours down and sent them on their way with a “ok, all done for today. We’ll meet here, tomorrow, 7.00 am sharp” at this she pistoled the two procrastinators with a firm glare, to which they studied the floor with much Interest.

Standing at the bus stop, as her car was now out of bounds due to a grounding Sophie deemed necessary, just as much as a fortnight of
weekend, morning spankings, to see her off on a packed day of litter picking in the sludge and rain, not to mention a firm reminder of her disappointment in Alexa’s rash decisions. Alexa could still feel the sting through her trousers, as the soft material rubbed against her skin with every movement she made. Sophie may have only swung her hand, but she was sure it was made of steel.  

“I see we’re taking the bus” a voice called pulling Alexa from her thoughts. Alexa looked up to see the friendly officer that had her sweeping leaves instead of bagging rubbish.

“Err… yes, I have been all this week actually” Alexa answered leaning into the bus stop pole and blushing red with embarrassment.

“Ah, I see” replied the officer with a knowing smile.

“So, um…uh, what brings you by bus too?” Alexa stuttered out, unsure if she should be asking. The officer laughed putting Alexa at ease.

“I’m visiting my sister, and nieces and nephews. They live near Windmill Lane, hence why I’m taking the bus today; That and my wife needed the car too.” Alexa brightened up a little at this news

“Oh, that’s near where Soph and I live, actually we’re just a few roads down in Shutter Close Road.

The officer smiled at Alexa’s brightened mood. In her opinion the girl was usually too quiet and well behaved. This left her feeling a little sorry for her and a rather intrigued.

“Tell me Alexa, you seem friendly enough, why don’t’ you interact with anyone else in the group, you know you’ll be working with them for the next three weekends. You should sit down with us for coffee at the break point. Have a chat and get to know them, they’re not all half bad. Just like you, a group of people who have made a few silly mistakes and are willing to fix it. It’s not good to cut yourself off.”

Alexa blushed at the sudden pep talk. “It’s not that I don’t want to sit and chat but rather the can’t sit part” Alexa muttered to herself before becoming alarmed at the realisation that she’d said it allowed.  

The officer laughed, her eyes twinkled as she held Alexa’s eye contact. “Ah so you’re in one of those relationships, too, huh?”

Alexa spluttered and stuttered over her words unsure of how to pull herself from this huge blunder “ah, um, err, well, you see…. Hang on a minute, too?”

The Officer continued laughing at Alexa’s obvious discomfort, “yes, Alexa, my wife, Georgia and I have lived the DD life for many years now. She’s my loveable brat.” Alexa smiled at the officer’s obvious love for her wife, she hoped down the line this would be her and Soph, happily married and maybe with a family of their own.

As the bus pulled up, both boarded and found two seats near the back. As the officer slid in, she looked up with a grin expecting Alexa to follow but instead found a young girl in turmoil as she debated whether to take the seat of not. Deciding to choose for her, the officer patted the seat with a firm look triggering a squirmy feel inside Alexa. Sitting down with care, as to not put too much pressure on her tender bottom, Alexa addressed the officer once more. “Can I ask your name?”

“Ah, yes, how rude of me. Olivia, but mind you, you’re to call me officer when working, ok?” Olivia warned as Alexa nodded her head hurriedly.

Not wanting to draw any attention to their previous conversation the two ladies sat chatting about many things, from careers to family to what they had for lunch the previous day. As they happily laughed away, anyone who passed, would think them good friends and not a community officer and brat, completing her community service.

Sophie sat on her desk tapping away at her computer screen trying to complete the last of her work before her baby got home. The two had been through a rocky journey the last few weeks, what with the arrest, the court day and finally the sentencing, that was thankfully reduced down to a hefty fine and community service due to Alexa’s cooperation and a fantastic lawyer. Sophie was still brimming with disappointment whenever she thought of the horrendous behaviour Alexa had shown that night but was also keenly aware of the enormous amount of guilt her baby held and the effort she was going to, to try and rectify her mistakes. Soph vowed, no matter what she would help her little one through it and ensure her lesson was learnt thoroughly.

As a rattling in the lock could be heard, Sophie shut her laptop and went downstairs. she was overjoyed to have her love, bundle herself into her arms as she babbled away excitedly.

“Hang on darling, Calm down… good, now slowly this time.” she instructed with an amused smile as she watched Alexa comically calmed herself down enough to form an audible sentence.

“You’ll never believe it, Olivia, that nice officer I was telling you about took my bus today. We got talking and we got onto the subject of, um, you know what” Alexa finished glancing up from her snuggled position, blushing slightly.

“You’ll have to be a bit clearer than ‘um, you know what’, darling” Soph chuckled having a clear suspicion of what Alexa was talking about, but the cute blush was too much to pass up.

Alexa scowled “you know what, as in, that thing we do, err, you do”

Soph chuckled some more, having way too much fun “whatever do I do?” she said in a husky voice pulling Alexa in closer to her. With a grouchy huff Alexa pulled away completely aware of what Soph was doing. She stomped away furthering Sophie’s amusement and flopped onto one of the kitchen chairs before leaping up once more with a squeal and a quick rub.

This thing you do” she wailed but continued when Soph raised an eyebrow.

“You want me to spell it out, ok, I will, you spank me, S-P-A-N-K me. Happy now.” Soph rolled her eyes at the theatrics as she slipped into the vacated seat and pulled a sulky Alexa into her chest enquiring how this whole conversation came about with Olivia.

As Alexa explained Soph stroked her hair amazed at how easily she had managed to strike up a conversation of this nature, she was even more shocked to hear that Olivia had suggested they all meet up, her and her wife and Soph and Alexa, for lunch after all Alexa’s community servicer was complete.

The next few weeks came and passed by quickly for Alexa. Although she was still receiving daily spankings, albeit they had become increasingly easier to manage with the odd rest day here and there, whether that was because Soph’s hand was becoming soft out of sympathy or she was simply getting used to it she didn’t know but she still made an effort to take Olivia’s advice to mingle and chat a little. Olivia went out of her way to help Alexa however she could, but still ensured she did her part. At the end of their last shift she offered a lift to Alexa as it was once again pouring with rain, but Alexa appreciatively declined quietly explaining the bus ride was a condition Soph had added to help her understand how lucky she was to have a car.

“Sounds like a fantastic girlfriend you have their, I like her already.” Olivia joked

“Yes, she is” Alexa agreed “I’m just about ready for the last part to finish tonight though” she said with a little sigh, knowing her final spanking was now due.

Olivia squeezed her hand comfortingly. “I’m sure it will all be fine. Now as promised, here is my number. If you want to meet up, give me a call, Ok?” Alexa agreed to give her a call and thanked Olivia for waiting for the bus with her. She boarded and waved her goodbye hoping the next time they met they could be friends.

When she finally got home Alexa was feeling apprehensive, she’d psyched herself up all day, wondering how Soph was going to deal with this final spanking. Her answer was soon given as she entered the house and made her way to the living room to find the dreaded holey paddle sitting on the glass coffee table. Soph walked in behind Alexa and wrapped a comforting arm around her baby. She knew how angsty Alexa became before a spanking of this much importance. “Do you want to get this over and done with now darling or wait until bedtime?”

“Now please” Alexa whispered, “I want it all to be finished now” Soph nodded her head in understanding before going into Toppy mode. “In that case Alexa, I would like to see your bare bottom in that corner, I think you should take a moment to gather together all the reasons you are in this mess. Then you will ask me for your spanking.” with that she guided Alexa to the very familiar corner and watched as she untied her trouser bottoms and pushed them to meet her ankles. At the sound of a warning cough, Alexa sighed, hooked her hands into her knicker waistband and pushed them to meet her trousers. As soon as she was upright once more with her nose pushed to the corner she felt Soph’s hands rub and caress her bottom cheeks enticing their sensitivity. Soph had not given Alexa a spanking that morning as she had promised this one would remind Alexa never to drink and drive ever again. She would feel the spanking every time she sat down for some time.

Standing in the corner, nose pressed to the wall, doing her best not to move too much Alexa thought over the last month. She had royally messed up when she’d left the house out of anger, to go to a party she’d been explicitly forbidden from going to. As a result, her anger had swayed her judgement and instead of taking a taxi like any other responsible person, she had deliberately taken her car knowing it would vex Soph. After hours of shots, drinking games and more drinks Alexa was well and truly inebriated. This clouded her judgment even further, when leaving in the early hours of the morning. She got into her car and drove away, well over the legal limit. Luckily no innocent pedestrians had been around… Alexa shuddered at this thought, burying her head in her hands and she let out a little sob in her corner.

Alexa immediately felt warm arms wrap around her frame, supporting her. The strong arms carried her back to the sofa, as she wracked with sobs. Some time passed with Alexa continuing to cry into Soph before she finally calmed down enough to show her face and wipe her running nose on the hanky Sophie provided.

“So, young lady, can you tell me what got us into this trouble?”  Soph asked calmly, letting Alexa know the process up to her spanking had well and truly started.

“I drank too much and to make it worse I g…go…got into my car after and tried to drive home” having previously calmed down from her tears earlier, Alexa once more wracked with sobs at the grief of what could have happened.

“Yes, that was entirely reckless of you Alexa” Soph said, pulling her chin to meet her own eyes that too looked rather watered

“You could have been seriously hurt or killed or worse you could have hurt or killed someone else. I don’t ever want to hear of you doing such a reckless, thoughtless actions ever again. Do you hear me Alexa?” Alexa nodded her head but produced a verbal yes as Soph’s eyes narrowed.

“Ok this is what’s going to happen, I’m going to give you a hand spanking and hair brushing then you will lean over for ten with the paddle. The severity of the swats will depend on your behaviour throughout the first part, ok? When we are done, this will be over, a clean slate, darling”  

Alexa willingly nodded her head and got up from Sophie’s lap showing she was ready, as she dried her eyes on the cuff of her sleeve.

“I would like you to ask me for your spanking now Alexa.”

“Um, uh… I was very thoughtless in my actions when I left to go to a party, which you had already explained to me, I couldn’t attend. Then, to spite you, I drove my car, which then led to it being driven while I was under the influence of alcohol and was subsequently arrested. Thankfully no one was hurt because of my actions. Please can you spank me now ma’am?”

“Most certainly Alexa” Soph replied as she guided her brat over her lap. When Sophie had had her situated at the perfect angle, with her bottom in prime swinging position, Sophie began her swats. Firstly, she focused on creating an all-round, red hue as she randomly placed her swats not allowing the wiggling bottom to know where the next would go. By now Alexa was starting to feel a creeping heat build. She let out the odd gasp and moan as she used every muscle and fibre in her, to stay as still as humanly possible, knowing Soph was a stickler for, no kicking, cursing and minimal wriggling. So far, she was doing well. By now Alexa had moved on from her randomised technique and had proceeded to focusing, swat on top of swat. By the tenth smack Alexa could well and truly feel the fire build on her backside. This technique was carried on of a good ten minutes not forgetting each sit spot, which received their own special treatment of twenty fast flurries of swats in succession. When Sophie was happy with the evenly spread, rosy colour she proceeded to gently massage each hot globe, revelling in the heat each one emitted.

“I know you understand the severity of your actions Alexa; my purpose is to ensure you never do such foolish acts ever again. I will now start with the hairbrush; I want you to think carefully about your clear disrespect to me. When, in a fit of rage you disobeyed me and attended a party, I had reasonably explained was not one you should occupy your time with. Not only that, but took your car, which led up to this big mess”

As Soph rubbed the flat edge of the oval, wooden hairbrush against Alexa’s already tender skin, she could hear the little whimpers and sniffles of her baby. Feeling her heart strings pull, she felt the innate urge to gather her close and forget this all happened, but Sophie knew doing such a thing would cause more damage to Alexa than this much needed punishment. With that in mind, Sophie brought the hard brush down with a thud, watching as the skin rippled against the wood and the force jolted Alexa forward slightly as she let out a loud yelp. As the brush rained down, Sophie was glad of her strong hold around Alexa’s waist. The young brat wriggled and squirmed, with the occasional kick, eager to escape the punishing smack of wood.

Alexa was well and truly sorry by now, not sure she could cope with the elevating heat that was her rear, she flung her hand back in protest. “Please Soph, no more, it hurts. I’ll be good forever more. I promise”

Alexa immediately stopped, grabbing Alexa’s hand and pinning it to her lower back.

“That, young lady, was very foolish, I could have hit your fingers, be a good girl and take your punishment. It’s a spanking, I’m afraid it’s meant to hurt.” Sophie Admonished a sniffling Alexa. Sophie rained the brush done for another minute before deciding Alexa was ready to go over the back of the settee. Placing the brush down beside her, Sophie waited for a crying Alexa to finally lift herself up. Seeing the pooling eyes and runny nose broke Sophie’s heart. Standing up she enveloped a sobbing Alexa, rubbing her arms and soothing her with soft words. When Alexa was calmer and slightly more coherent Sophie spoke.

“Darling, you are doing so well, we now have the final part to see to” she said lifting the drilled paddle. “I want you to position yourself over back of the settee, you may hold your pillow if you wish” Sophie directed, picking up Alexa’s favourite fluffy pillow and handing it to her.

Having long discarded her pants, Alexa buried her head in her pillow, taking in the comforting scent of Sophie who loved to cuddle up to it of an evening, despite denying it every time. Shuffling her feet, Alexa slowly made her way round the back of the settee before quickening her pace after a threat of more strokes for stalling. Once over and ready, Alexa clung to the pillow, as she nervously wiggled her toes that barely touched the floor below.

Taking up stance behind her, Sophie firmly placed her hand on Alexa’s lower back and measured up her swing.

“I’m going to start now Alexa, I want you to remember this discussion when you sit down at the steering wheel of your car, ok? Under NO circumstances, is it okay to ever drink and drive, not only did you put yourself in danger, but, those around you too. Let us never have discuss this again.” As Alexa clung to her pillow, she gave a vigorous nod, knowing and understanding she’d got off lightly with an easy sentence and a sore bottom. Sagging slightly, Alexa awaited the first strike and was not disappointed, for as soon as Sophie saw Alexa ready to submit, she lifted back the paddle and aimed four slow swats to the left cheek. Alexa howled and drummed her feet upon the settee but did not once make to move, making Sophie feel immensely proud of her. Soon after Sophie placed the next succession of four, upon the right cheek, allowing the dam to be brake and Alexa to lie limp, crying deeply and full of guilty emotion, into her pillow. Wanting to wind the punishment up, Sophie placed her hand with more force on Alexa’s back, ensuring she stayed in place and was tilted further forward, her feet now completely clear of the floor. With the first smack to the sit spots Alexa’s head flew back as she arched her back and cried out before sinking back into the settee. The tenth and final smack eventually came although Alexa was completely oblivious and unable to maintain concentration on anything but her tender bottom. Discarding the paddle quickly, Sophie leant down, alongside her sobbing baby. She rubbed her back and stroked her long, tear-soaked hair, while whispering sweet nothings. Before long, Alexa had calmed her wrenching sobs to soft sniffles and hiccups, which caused them both to giggle. Guiding Alexa back around the Settee, Sophie sunk into it, bringing Alexa into her lap and chest.  The two sat in companionable silence and comfort or so Sophie thought, for when she looked down, she couldn’t help smiling, and kissed the forehead of her sleeping beauty.

I hope you enjoyed, Please let me know what you thought…😊